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I get it, building an empire, leaving a legacy and making an impact are key to who you are. But holy guacamole, when will the endless pulls on our time and energy chill out and take a siesta!!

When we are in sprint mode 24/7 365, we cannot finish the marathon that is our non-stop and never-ending to-do list.

In truth, as a society we are on the track to burnout and living in constant crisis mode aka fight or flight. We are sicker, unhappier, lonelier and more stressed out than any other generation despite having cutting edge healthcare, a higher quality of life, social media connections coming out the yahoo and flexible work options.

People come to me all the time with the realization they can’t continue at this level. The demands on their time as leaders, CEO’s, parents, managers, solpreneurs … they are never ending. It is an epidemic that we aren’t making time to take care for ourselves or the ones we cherish the most. 


Three Tips to Tame Your To-Do List Today

One thing


When you focus on one key habit, it’s incredible how all kinds of other changes click into place like that last piece of the puzzle.

For example, if you start exercising even once a week, that action triggers a slew of other habits like a domino effect and the best part … wait for it …. all with very little effort or planning on your part such as:

– consuming more water

– sleeping better

– making better food choices

– foster inner joy

– deeper connection with others

– experience a positive shift in your relationships

– increased productivity at work

With this approach, the only effort you applied was setting your workout as a non-negotiable and the rest can now fall into place. Easy peasy lemon ?squeezy.




At the end of the week look back at what you did and didn’t do and ask yourself if your choices are congruent with your core values. This one’s going to hurt a little bit. When you radically respect and live your non-negotiables, other people will respect them too.

The whole universe has an opportunity to respond to the way you’re showing up for your life. Just look at how Ariana Huffington created a revolution in her own life after being so exhausted from sleeping lesson four hours a night for years running her business, jet setting all over the globe. She is dedicating her business now to wellness and ensuring people understand just how important sleep is. Check out her incredible book on sleep, The Sleep Revolution. Reading it will change the way you view and value sleep forever. And her website for professionals and entrepreneurs is worth checking out. Youwill find heaps and heaps of tips and ideas to integrate holistic practices with ease so you can as I like to say:

live, work and playin full bloom

What are your non-negotiable’s? We make time for what matters the most each day, and we make excuses for the rest. #truth


The personal shows up in the professional


I stand apart from the average business coach by tackling Ground Zero … and of course the favorite quirk of tarot and oracle card reading! The personal stuff always shows up in the professional. It is the foundation of everything we bring to our work. If you aren’t getting enough sleep if you aren’t pursuing the things that make your soul smile, then what are you working so hard for?

Honouring your personal truth, and it’s your job to the find out exactly what that is, allows you to break free from old patterns that hold you back.

It takes courage to be still with yourself, to cozy up with your deeply habituated limiting beliefs.

Lately, I have been circling back to this sentiment, that we have a very limited amount of time on this planet for this lifetime, why not dive deep into our personal legend?

Releasing old patterns that don’t align with your desires and dreams will open up new opportunities, attracting them to you. This creates even more momentum and allows you to grow personally and professionally while staying in the present moment and enjoying it all so much more.

Trust me, the deeper you dive the more pearls you will discover.

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Until next time, be fabulously YOU!

your Coach, Lisa