How to create more time - @BloomLisaWe all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people seem to squeeze more out of their day than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!

Make no mistake, managing your time in new ways is the foundation of achieving everything that you want.

Change takes a few key elements including:

  • motivation
  • self-discipline
  • self-kindness
  • accountability
  • tenacity
  • a freshly cleaned no BS filter because the storm is brewing!!

Are you struggling to make time for your business growth strategies?

Or picking up a favourite hobby again? How about actually practicing your daily spiritual practice?  … I know right!

What about being more mindful and present in your life so you can respond with purpose rather than reacting in the heat of the moment?


Here are three tips to easily create more time each day, joy in your life and money in the bank.


TIP #3 – Understand The YOU and The I of Your Todo List

What are your top priorities? Is their a gap between what matters most to you and what you are spending your time on? Often, we are so busy replying to messages (the YOU of your todo list) rather than working on our heartfelt purpose projects (the I of your todo list).

Research shows that we have a finite amount of willpower and as the day goes on, we have less of it. This is why working out in the morning is easier to establish as a habit and making poor food choices in the evening is so gosh darn easy.

Cue the unplanned yummy second glass of red wine and Netflix binge.

This is where the discipline, accountability and tenacity really come in.

After years of compliance, we are programmed by our biology, neurology and physiology to say yes to others when they ask for things. These patterns of behaviour eats up the bulk of our concentration, energy and mental bandwidth, leaving little more than a half-eaten plate of duty with a side serving of resentment for dinner.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

What do you want more of?

TIP #2 – Block Time Off & Make it Non-Negotiable

We all love our calendars, either digital or print. Use your system to block time off to work on yourself …. as in free time to simply be you. Crazy idea I know!!

We waste hours of time each week being in a state of overwhelm AKA quasi mental paralysis. Imagine what you could accomplish if your neural pathways were wiring and firing like Elton John at his piano on stage in Rocketman?

Scheduled time where you can freely engage in activities that don’t serve any of the standard labels of life, think entrepreneur, professional, spouse, partner, friend, parent, etc.

Simply BE you.

When you practice self-care and honour those scheduled blocks of time as equally important as a meeting, you can transform your entire life.

Schedule it and get ready for the shift that will happen TODAY.

TIP #1 – Plan For Failure

No one is so good, organized, kind, generous or efficient that they are spared. We all suffer from problems, illness, endings and beginning.

The key is to plan for them.

You know what de-rails your best intentions from eating healthy to creating the curriculum, marketing and launching that passive income stream for your business in your scheduled CEO time (see TIP #2).

Take the time to write down:

1) Three things that you want to create and cultivate in your life.

2) The things that happen that typically stop you from achieving them, examples include distractions, limiting beliefs, procrastination. Be SPECIFIC.

3) What you will do instead WHEN those things happen.

Cue desired results!! Planning for imminent failure is a genius stroke in your empire building personally and professionally.

I am a huge fan of a sacred morning ritual. If you are like some of the people I coach who are overwhelmed and over-committed, it can be as simple as being super present while you brew you morning coffee and repeating some affirmations or gratitude.

For me I like to do guided meditation in the morning. Sometime I do a 12 minute and other mornings I will wake up extra early and enjoy a 55 minute one. The benefit is clear immediately and this benefit functions as motivation to continue with my morning practice.

If you want to reach a capacity where you are implementing personal or professional results like a Formula 1 race car driver, get a handle on your time so you can spend it on what truly matters …. with the top down and an ear-to-ear grin while you sing along to your favourite playlist.

What you want to do in this life is important. Don’t look back and wish you had already started.

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Until next time, be fabulously YOU! ??