"Five tips to work from home like a CEO" - @BloomLisaAs you settle in to work from home, do the dirty dishes whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Or how about the overflowing laundry hamper every mompreneur knows intimately? If those don’t phase you …and congratulations and virtual high five if they don’t….does the call of adventure beckon to you on a bright sunny day?.

When you work from home, how women in business get more done in less time, make more money and (most importantly) have way more fun?

Work From Home Like a CEO

Tip #5 – Schedule your device time

This is an epic time suck!! Allocate time to be both on and off your devices. The back and forth of yo-yo focus caused by constant device checking is undeniable with the research and studies to prove it. It adversely affects your sleep which impacts your focus and the master in the wheel syndrome has begun. Mute your phone, hide your tablet and get working on our top priorities.

Not sure what those should be….keep reading!

Tip #4 – Decide on your top priorities

You can never go wrong by locking the door, closing the blinds, turning off your ringers and taking a big ol’ dump…a brain dump that is…gheesh!

Too busy to read an entire book? You can download my worksheet on a tried and true exercise from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Going through this process cuts through the overwhelm like a samurai sword. The lightbox will pop up in this blog post for that download.

Remember, when you take great care of yourself you have energy, enthusiasm and vitality to give back to all the people and projects you care so deeply about. Purge your mind and free up some time!!

Writing your goals, desires and dreams down makes them real. You want to spend the bulk of your time working on not-urgent yet important tasks. These include follow up calls, conferences and on-going education, business development and strategic alliances.

Tip #3 – Schedule them

Scheduling the time to execute those actionables on your calendar is explosive for your productivity. It sound simple but heart centered entrepreneurs are notorious for putting others needs ahead of their own. Cherish this time; it is as important as a huge meeting with a strategic alliance or distributor.

Tip #2 – Plan ahead

There are a few areas where planning ahead really pay off.

Sit down in the evening and assess what tomorrow looks like, review your plans sleep soundly knowing you will start the next day on-task and ready to rock.

Most important: take some time to realize where you get sabotaged and plan a strategy to counter it. Some examples include:

Weeds – toddler doesn’t nap
Fertilizer – make smoothie popsicles (frozen food takes longer to eat!!) and give them screen time

Weeds – bestie texts non-stop
Fertilizer – let him/her know you are on deadline (honour your top priorities like #2 + #3 bosslady) and will be entering radio silence until further notice. They will understand!

Weeds – the pile of dishes/laundry/dirty bathroom is a massive distraction
Fertilizer – schedule a time for cleaning just like you do for work, work time is work time

I will write an entire post on how to overcome household distractions.

****To keep it short and sweet, when you embrace your inner CEO and remember that people who go to an office do not clean it all day while they are working and neither should you!

Work is work and home is home and you need to get your boundaries sorted out if you are going to be a massive success from your HQ.

Tip #1 – Take regular breaks when you work from home

I am a huge fan of this technique. Here is a video where I share a great tool to schedule your innovation time and I recommend you take a few minutes and watch it.[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddQmxnn_tqg[/embedyt]

When the mind is quiet you will have your greatest moments of inspiration …you are responsible for carving out those moments amidst all the busyness. Perhaps it will be when babu falls asleep in yoru arms or when you out for a yoga class or something as simple as opening the window for some mindful breaths of fresh air.

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Until next time…be fabulously YOU!

your coach – Lisa

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