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When you get a room of women together, magic happens.

Connections deepen, smiles broaden, shoulders relax and a compliment here and an encouragement there become the fertilizer that grows another woman’s confidence so her dream can finally bloom.

Last night was of these nights.

I was asked to share some take-aways from the the talk I gave from my Conversations for Success series. We talked a lot about the importance of handling our inner game and here they are.

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You Talk to Yourself ALL Day Long

You do. All of us do. You may never have thought of it like this but your inner dialogue takes up roughly 85% of your mental “real estate”.

Why is this important?

This inner dialogue becomes your spoken words and propels you to take action in your life. These conversations and actions become patterns, then habits and eventually a deeply entrenched part of your personality.

Creating an awareness of how you talk to yourself is essential. Building on this awareness is the journey that lasts a lifetime.

Brag Shame

Brag shame is something I see as an epidemic in women and young girls. Instead of getting better as the women’s movement opened new doors in decades past, we dropped the ball.No more brag shame - @BloomLisaFeminism became a dirty word. In the dictionary a feminist is defined as someone who believes in social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

Over 64% of the population agrees with this statement, but when asked if they are a feminist only 22% agree. Huh?

You can read more on brag shame here in a piece about Miss Capable and her rise to the corner office.

Know YOUR North Star

What do your really want? When you put in the energy to get specific  about what you want, you are able to harness that energy to make solid and consistent choices to rise and shine alongside of it.

What is your WHY?

This is not an easy question. When you keep in mind that surface answer gets you surface results, you might want to spend some time pouring your heart & soul into the answer.

When life drops you in the middle of a s@%t storm (sometimes that is a literal translation for moms of young kids), where does the self discipline come from to keep sailing towards your north star?
When someone brings that flat of gooey cinnamon buns into the office, alarm bells start to ring as the sweet aroma twists up your nostrils like an enticing belly dancer. The only chance you stand in tough moments like these is remembering the real WHY you are not going to eat 2 of them and then sneak one in a napkin to give to your “kids”.

If your mind simply goes to losing weight, well you can easily rationalize eating the culinary masterpieces in front of you.

Know your WHY.


Think of the tasks you set for yourself in any given day; most of them fall under the easy-to-do-as-not-do category.

It doesn’t feel like a big deal if you don’t do them, right? Wrong.

Over time, these mundane and simple tasks add up to the backbone of your life.Those little things you do each day add up to a lasting difference - @BloomLisaSmiling at your kids when they walk in the room, setting your alarm and getting up to meditate or exercise, reading a few pages of a non-fiction daily, giving your loved ones a real kiss good night; these are the choices that lead to joy, connection and good health.

Here are a few of my recommendations for good reads. I encourage you to use your local library card and/or download their app to get audio books and e-books if money is tight or you want to keep clutter down on your book shelf:

The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz
Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg
Mindset, The New Psychology of Success, Dr. Carol S. Dweck
You Are The Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza
BossyPants, Tina Fey
Here is a link to the Overdrive App website which many libraries use.

I thank all the women you chose to put their hand up and came to my talk. And I thank you, who is reading this post today.

The magic of our lives are created in the moments. In the details. In the now.

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Until next time, live, work and play in FULL bloom.
your Coach, Lisa van ReeuwykWomen in Business - #strongertogether @BloomLisa