What surfing can teach you about success - by @BloomLisaOn a recent vacation I leapt WAY out of my comfort zone and tried surfing. I had so many reasons to not take surfing lessons, but the inner ding that was erupting inside of me demanded my attention.

I was reading The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo at the time and I appreciated the calling to pay attention to the signs around me. Holding out my courage and vulnerability in each of my hands, I let my fear pop like a bubble in the wind.

Surfing was:

humbling and empowering
invigorating and peaceful
centering and intense
fun and painful

Seeking knowledge and exploring how I might apply knowledge to live a more authentic, joyful and meaningful life is a daily practice for me; I am reflective by nature. I am many titles: business coach, personal development junkie, productivity ninja, marketing guru and mompreneur.

There is a reason surfers have those big grins, relaxed vibes … and all of those muscles. Their energetic vibration is one of winning at life at a soul level.

Here are six take-away pearls of wisdom that surfing taught me that can help you tackle 2019 with heightened levels of clarity, confidence and killer cashflows …. one moment at a time.

6. Keep going when it gets HARD and you feel like quitting

I was taken down hard by waves so many times, but I keep paddling back out for more. Overheard in the waves after my 8 year old daughter was taken down by a wave, “That felt like death.”


My body ached, I had blisters on most of my toes and I had salt water surging through every opening in my body … yet I craved more.

If I had quit, I would have denied myself the growth.

On my fifth day of lessons, the surf was strong and the crashing waves were unrelenting. By far, they were the highest I had surfed all week. There was a moment where the fear started to rise up; was I really wanting to go out into those waves with a giant whacking stick attached to my ankle?

Yep, 100% YES.

Listening to my instructor, fully in-tune with the rhythm of the ocean and completely focused on catching the right waves when they came, I was able to catch waves over and over again.

I felt a real sense of accomplishment as I watched other surfing students, mostly strong adult men, unable to stand up on their surf boards for more than a second or two.

The experience created a powerful sense of connection, accomplishment and joy. It is a metaphor for life, keep going. Everything you want is on the other side of discomfort.

To watch a video of me surfing, click here.

Thank you to my excellent instructors Carlos and Tacho at West Side Surf School for their unwavering dedication, great vibes and encouragement.

5. Get cozy with discomfort

Ditching distraction and being present is an active decision to start dating discomfort. You are also inviting transformation into your life.

To be a success on your surf board, or in life, you must practice mindfulness and being present in the now. In this state, you have an inner knowing if this is the right time for action or not.

You own the clarity to see if this is the right “wave” for you. It isn’t procrastination or fear running the show, it is you in all your power.

4. Situational awareness can save your life

Each wave is a formidable opponent, just like each business deal, opportunity and negotiation. No matter how well you rode the last wave, there are no free passes for the next one.

Never turn your back on the ocean.

Each company and person is a “new wave” and they require respect and attention. Never turn your back on the waves // trends // change // your blind spot. No one is above hardships and problems no matter nice or good they are.

Keep your eyes on those waves so you can ride them all the way to shore.

3. Pay attention to the signs

I was reminded out there on my surf board how synchronicity is fueling my experience, but I am often too busy to see it.

I made an active decision (again) to put down my devices when I returned to Vancouver and connect with the circumstance right in front of me in a much bigger and deeper way.

Scheduling times during the day to be on your devices, scheduling messages and leaving the phone alone is a simple & delicious recipe for happiness and abundance my friends. Can you check emails 3-4 times a day only? And heck, why not add text messages along with those emails once you start rocking that BIG change !?!?

Scientific research shows that we are distracted at least every 11 minutes and that it takes 25 minutes to regain the level of focus we were at prior to the distraction. The constant distraction of device checking undermines the flow of life and severely impacts your health.

How long do you go without being distracted?

2. Growth hurts

The pain in my body was tangible yet so unbelievably sweet.

Blistered bloody toes, aching muscles everywhere, salt water erupting through every opening in my body and being lashed against the ocean floor time and time again …. yet there I was, grinning ear to ear as I paddled out for more with deep determination.

I often wonder what it feels like for the caterpillar to transform and become a butterfly. 

I saw a great cartoon where two caterpillars were sitting on a branch as a butterfly passes by. One grumpy caterpillar looks at the other and says, “You’ll never catch me flying around on one of those things!”

I believe that we all have a butterfly within us, but we have to get real about what we truly want and accept that change and growth hurt. A lot.

It is that collapse that breaks us open to a new way of thinking and being.

1. Consistent and deliberate action are your secret weapon

The sum of our lives is comprised of the actions we take day in and day out. I took five surfing lessons over 6 days.

On the first day I was really awkward. Trying to put together the flow of going from horizontal, to standing perfectly balanced in about a split second with a wave about to crash on me …. seemed like a stretch.

While I far from mastered those movements, each time I went out I noticed massive improvements. On my fourth lesson, I was catching waves with only verbal cues from my instructor; I was winning!!

The last day the surf was the largest it has been all week and I was able to catch waves only because of the hard work I had been putting in.

Deciding on what things you want more of in your life, then carving out the time to consistently and deliberately take action, leads to massive results in your life.

Get organized with the systems and tools you need to be winning at your dreams and goals.

Click here to make repetition, abundance and accountability a way of life for you.

During those days in paradise, I had ample time to get really quiet and whenever that happens, the creative juices start flowing like the waves I was riding.

I am forever changes, grateful and inspired by the beauty of this land where desert meets ocean. My heart is full.

A year is closing and a fresh one awaits.

What successes from 2018 can you continue to ride the waves of momentum build on?
Are there patterns that you can release and proudly watch them drift out to sea?
What new adventures can you take and harness the energy of the new?

Onwards & upwards,

your coach, Lisa