"Are you taking it all too seriously?" - @BloomLisaAre You Taking It All TOO Seriously?

Money, work, commuting, mortgages and family responsibilities can leave us feeling on the verge of burnout. Just like a hamster in a wheel, running around in circles day after day with little or no real joy or progress.

Sound familiar?

Nothing in nature is designed to sustain long term stress.

Burnout is becoming more and more common as people work, work and work 24/7 with little or no vacation time.

Have you ever embraced the no pain, no gain work ethic? When professionals are asked why they work so hard, answers carry a common theme:

People believe their hard work will result in a really great life. Yet there is no correlation supporting the formula of:


suffering + hard work = success


So how can you avoid burnout and start living with not only a sustainable work/life balance, but long-term happiness and abundance?

Tip #1 – Laugh Deeply and Often

Did you know that just 15 minutes of hearty laughter equals the benefit of two hours of sleep? How awesome is that?

"Laughing for 15 minutes is REALLY good for your health." - @BloomLisaI want you to embrace your inner child; be silly, tell jokes, share embarrassing stories about your personal life with your besties, watch funny YouTube videos; just do what makes you laugh.

Laughter produces endorphins, heck a smile produces endorphins, which will improve your mood, increase your tolerance to pain and have you forgetting what your were so stressed out about!

Tip #2 – Rock a Meditation Practice Designed For YOU

While a warm and sudsy shower may wash away yesterday’s dirt, what about yesterday’s stress?

Buddhist monks are among the happiest people in the world and now scientists have the data to tell us why; they are rockin’ all of the right brainwaves through their meditation practice!

Practicing mindfulness is the key to avoiding burnout. No-one can dispute that regular meditation decreases anxiety and depression while improving your mood, memory and self awareness.

Your Hot Tip To Avoid Burnout

Make it a priority to have more fun and more stillness each and every day. Not only will you see an increase in your energy and your mental clarity, but these benefits will lead to those opportunities you have been longing for.

NO MORE EXCUSES: If laughing creates the benefit of sleep, then you have no excuse not to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and meditate each morning.

This blog is written to inspire and support women in business who are ready to increase their professional and personal success.

Until next time, by fabulously YOU.
your Coach, Lisa