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I write more about productivity and time management than anything else. Being highly effective is a desire for many and I’ve got more tools in my tool belt that I can keep track of. Today, I am sharing a trinity of proven habits that I use with my private coaching clients that pivots them into a state of salsa dancing from the inside out.

It’s the little things you do each day that add up to your success, not the occasional bedazzled moves that draw massive attention in the moment with no real staying power.

Being highly effective isn’t an occasional effort, it’s a daily ritual. And take all the pressure off right now if you think it needs to be anything complex or extravagant.

Heck no!! Your success is the result of simple tasks that are just as easy to do as not do, as Jeff Olson says in his book The Slight Edge.




Think about habits such as sitting down to work and diving directly into your top priority tasks, ones that you pre-decided for your morning before checking messages. W this habit impact the flow and outcome of your day?

Or on a personal note, what level of spicy new developments might start simmering if you committed to give your partner a real kiss goodnight every single evening?

Say good-bye to that rut.

Here are three proven habits of highly effective people.

Proven Habit #1

Consume “10 pages” of content daily … or equivalent.

You can consume your content in many different ways, so customize your personal & professional development to your preference. Ideas for consuming content include:

  • audio books
  • podcasts
  • TedTalks
  • industry magazines
  • research papers
  • newsletters
  • actual books
  • online courses
  • blogs

When you learn something new every day in this style, it will add up like this:

10 pages per day becomes 12 books per year and adds up to 60 books in five years by making a 7 minute effort each day.

Talk about being highly effective, shazam! Consume ANYTHING that interests you.

Skipping your 7 minute podcast today won’t feel like it makes much of a difference, but when you look back at the end of the year at 365 podcasts you listened to, or NOT,  it sure will!!  And you did it by spending 7 minutes a day.

Easy peasy lemon ? squeezy.

Proven Habit #2

Sacred mornings

Did you know that research has proven that willpower depreciates over the course of the day? Have you ever wondered why it’s so much easier to stick to habits and routines in the mornings than the evenings? Think exercise and food choices …. or that second glass of wine.

New data shows that during the first three hours of the day the brain can focus and perform at its most optimal levels. Tackling your top priorities and non-negotiables during those early hours is a proven winner to tackle your empire building and win!!

What activities would set you up for an incredible day?

My morning routine includes guided meditation alternating with high intensity exercise. Both keep my monkey mind at bay and keep me in the present moment while practicing deep gratitude, the highest vibrational energy we can create.

Some ideas to implement for your morning routine include:

  • journaling
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • energizing breath work
  • reading
  • walk // hike in nature
  • art
  • affirmations
  • gratitude
  • dancing

I had one client who had two young kids, a teaching job and a side hustle. The thought of adding in a new morning routine was a hard no for her. We talked it through and brainstormed until we landed on something that made sense for her life and was doable each and every morning.

She loved her coffee.

I suggested she turn the routine of making her morning coffee into a ritual. She dedicated herself to being fully present for every step from inhaling the smell of freshly ground beans to standing at her kitchen window looking out into the trees with profound appreciation and gratitude for the blessings in her life as she savoured each caffeine infused sip.

Results: She felt the rewards of this all day long. She mentioned regularly over the course of several months of working together how she felt so much calmer, more focused .. highly effective … spending this quiet time of gratitude and presence in the morning. When it came time to sit down and work she was able to settle into her work and leave the mess of the kids.

The key is, to create a morning ritual that works for YOU. There is no “right” way, only your way. These proven habits only work if you do them, so make it easy and this leads into the final habit …

Proven Habit #3

Schedule fun

One of my all-time favourite quotes is,

Life is not as serious as the mind makes it.” – Eckhart Tolle

Commit to something every single day that has the sole purpose of fun. Something that makes you smile from your soul and brings a lightness to your mindset. We live in a non-stop world.  Fun is a simple, fast and free prevention tool to stress related illness and feelings of overwhelm.

The theme of play has been coming up with almost every client this month, I see how overwhelmed peoples lives are. Sticking with the coffee theme, think of life like a latte.

If you put too much coffee in your mug, there isn’t any space for the thick, creamy and frothy foam on top… which is the very best part. Leave room for the frothy foam, which is Coconut Creamer in my world, so you can salsa dance your way to your biggest and brightest dreams.

It is so much easier to be highly effective when you are connected to your joy.

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Onwards + upwards,

Lisa ??