Sacred Morning Rituals and Why They Matter - @BloomLisaYour daily morning rituals are the secret to increased productivity, happiness and success.

How? There is great power in rituals. They are performed as you prepare to begin your day no matter what, because that is the thing about rituals, you do them every day.

The goal is to create rituals that have a positive physical affect on you, like your yoga practice or ordering your favourite ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Think about that focused feeling of lacing up your sneakers or that calm and centred wave that washes over you before you have even unrolled your mat when you enter the yoga studio.

You are in a stage of foreplay. The anticipation of these events triggers chemical reactions in your brain and body that are parallel with the chemical reactions of actually doing these things. I did say foreplay….let your mind wander. 

Rituals and Success at Work

So what the heck does this have to do with your success at work?

At yoga class, every system in your body knows that you are about to go through a series of asanas (postures) that will relax and rejuvenate you. Your yoga practice is a ritual that has trained your body and brain to feel amazing simply by walking through a studio door. Wouldn’t you love to feel the same about work?

Rituals Have MANY Benefits

Consistency is queen and here are six benefits of having a sacred morning ritual:

  • massive increase in productivity
  • shift in mindset
  • foster creativity
  • enhanced clarity on purpose
  • boost in mindfulness
  • space for more FUN

Simple daily rituals like a 10 minute morning meditation, a few sun salutations or sitting down at your desk and pausing as you set an intention to expect the best from your day.

Tips on Creating Effective Rituals

Make a brief morning meeting part of your rituals. Psst, this is for you solopreneurs too. Be punctual; start and finish on time. Be positive; start the meeting by each member sharing a win. Be productive; set up a list of priorities for the day (or week) and do these tasks first and only these tasks before you tackle what I call busy work.

Busy work includes checking email & texts (aka other people’s to-do list for you) or visiting social media accounts.  Get your important work done, then enjoy some guilt-free procrastination.

You can execute your rituals at home, at your desk, in a meeting or singing like no one is watching to the “For Shame, ’80’s & 90’s Guilty Pleasures Playlist” on your commute. Rituals will have you primed for productivity and blooming like a flower as you start your work day with renewed clarity.

This simple practice feeds the soul as it frees up hours in your week to making time for hobbies, friends, fun, classes and so much more .

This blog is written to inspire and support women in business; we are stronger together.

Until next time, live life in FULL bloom.
your Coach, Lisa