Trust will sky rocket your success - @BloomLisa

What can change everything?


You can transform any relationship, sky rocket your results and do it while honouring your core values. What is this one thing?


I had alcoholic parents, so trust was something I had to figure out along the way. It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but luckily I had some really good people stand by me who I still all friends today. #strongertogether

It sounds simple enough to be trusted – to be seen as trustworthy...or is it?

As a society we are in a trust crisis. Think of  governments, popular music, international corporations or the high divorce rate to take your temperature on who / what you deem trustworthy..

What about people on the street? Your neighbourhood? Door to door salesmen (yes they still exist).

I have been reading a lot this year about empire building mojo + wisdom.

The Speed of Trust – The One Things That Changes Everything, by Stephen M.R. Covey is a New York Times Best Seller that has some pretty incredible advice on the topic of trust. His dad’s book is on my list of7 Must Read Book for Women in Businessand you can check that post out here.

When you think about the people you work with, who do you trust? Who are the people you don’t?

Have you ever thought about what triggers those feelings?

I love how each of us has a gut instinct that produces an immediate knowing whether we trust someone or not. Let’s turn the lens inward shall we?

What are you doing in your life that allows someone you just met to decide to trust YOU?

Their are many factors that lead to being trustworthy. A few them as listed in the book include the “4 Cores of Credibility”.

Core 1 – Integrity

People care about what you do and why you do it. Being a good person who does good things is your BFF personally and professionally. Many female entrepreneurs are doing incredible work that makes their integrity undeniable, such as Marie Forleo, Oprah Winfrey and Marianne Williamson.

When we stay true to our core values and do good things that align with them, everyone benefits.

To increase your integrity IQ, ask yourself:

What are my core values?

What am I willing and not willing to compromise on?

How can I communicate this in my brand?

Core 2 – Intent

It’s not just what you do, but why you do it that matters.

I saw Dr. Wayne Dyer speak several time at I Can Do It! Conferences (Hay House), and I clearly recall his teaching on the power of intent.

He used the example of speeding.

Wayne pointed out that some people obey the speed limit for one of two reasons. They are either motivated by the potential traffic fine or by a desire to keep the roads and the people who use them safe.

Why you decide to drive safely (or do pretty much ANYTHING) says a lot about what kind of person you are. Intent matters.

To increase your intent IQ, ask yourself:

What is my why?

Do I communicate this in my marketing and networking conversations?

How can I communicate this in my brand?

Core 3 – Capabilities

I am a Certified Life + Executive Coach. When people here this, they know I have skills, talents, experience and can produce results with them. I might honour my clients confidentiality (Core 1 mojo) and have a genuine desire to serve as a business coach for women (Core 2 mojo), but if my background was in carpentry (Core 3 fail) ….would anyone trust me when it came to their personal and professional transformation?

To increase your capability IQ, ask yourself:

What training do I have that increases my credibility?

What are my strengths and quirks that make me UNIQUE and removes all competition?

How can I communicate this in my brand?

Core 4 – Results

Your track record matters, so share it. Many women, especially us mompreneurs, suffer from brag shame. Forget-about-it!!

Sing your wins loud and proud ladies.

I have an entire page with testimonials where I share stories of my clients success regularly in order to inspire other entrepreneurs to have a “me too” moment. Your dreams, desires and goals matter.

When you have a deep level of trust in your personal and professional relationships, it changes everything. Deals come together, alliances are formed, benefits are produced, referrals are passed. You are able to grow so much faster AND with so much ease. It can get kinda tricky when you don’t consider the fundamentals of how trust works.

To increase your results IQ, ask yourself:

How credible am I with first impressions?

What can I do to increase my credibility?

If having time freedom to enjoy this life you are working so stinkin’ hard for is important to you, make a self inquiry into how you can elevate your trust factor by simply being an even better, bolder more authentic YOU.

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Until next time, be fabulously YOU!

your coach – Lisa