"This mistake is costing you more than you realize." - @BloomLisa

This story is either about you, will be about you or is about many people you know who unknowingly make this self sabotaging mistake.

The protagonist of this story is an eager, intelligent young woman  starting out in her career. She graduates at the top of her class and lands herself a job at an innovative company. She is smart, confident and well…..capable.

Her Name is Miss Capable

In this world where more women than men are graduating from post secondary institutions, Miss Capable is primed and confident that in the years ahead, she will rise to the executive level….or how about CEO….sounds great doesn’t it?

She has heard how only 5% of management roles are held by women, but that must be dated. She is going to be different."The wage gap remains." - @BloomLisa
Miss Capable works hard and learns from the incredible team she works with. She is often asked by supervisors if she is seeing anyone seriously or plans to start a family; this is normal office chit chat right? Anyhow, she is driven by her career and not seriously dating (who has time?) so these questions don’t matter.

She watches as colleagues get promoted and is genuinely happy for them. They are on her team and regularly benefit from her ideas, eagerness to please and the countless hours of overtime she logs when they had other obligations like date night or team sports or guys night out. She can’t let down her team.

Is Being On The Verge of Burnout Part of the Job?

Sometimes Miss Capable feels like she is on a one-way street to burnout. She loves to run, eat food that doesn’t come out of a bag or microwave and longs to read that dirty novel sitting on her bedside table. (Let’s face it, that is extent of the hot action she will get this weekend).

Miss Capable has so much trouble saying no when people ask for her help that none of that self care makes it on her to-do list. Sound familiar?
Miss Capable is often uncomfortable communicating her achievements, skills and strengths in conversation and especially in meetings and when interviewing; she was taught that it is not polite to brag. Brag is a dirty word right?

And besides, she was always told that people wouldn’t like her if she spoke too highly of herself. Making a mistake like this would cost her a lot! Come to think of it, no one says men are making costly mistakes when they talk about their wins; if only she could be more like men…hmmm.

It sounds like Miss Capable would benefit is she could simply, as they say, man up!

It is a mistake to share her achievements and accomplishments!

If only she had the skills, support and systems in place so she could work smarter. Next time….right?

Stay tuned for next week’s post where Miss Capable meets Mr. Right.

Until next time, live life in FULL bloom
your Coach, Lisa