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7 Must Read Books for Women in Business

There are so many incredible books to choose a list of must read books from.

I have always read a lot, with one exception. The black hole spanning the newborn years of motherhood. For years now, I am known to consume a book in 3 days, as though making up for those lost years of chronic sleep deprivation where I often referred to my mind as a barren wasteland…but I digress.

Consuming the equivalent of 10 pages of knowledge a day is must. You can take the traditional route and simply read or you can listen to podcasts in the car or audio books while you fold laundry. Perhaps you indulge in on-line courses in the evening or watch a Ted Talk while you make dinner.

Just make it happen…daily!

I mentioned a few books in my last post, which inspired me to share this detailed list with you of my must-read books.

Adventure, Spontaneity, Ethics

#7.  After decades of traveling and never spending more than a few days at home in a row, Gloria Steinem shares the story of her life as an activist in her latest book, My Life On The Road.

My best friend gave me this book and it has made a significant impact on my life. This book lit a diminished flame that had gone out from the routines of motherhood. I now live more freely and have more adventures.

Through eloquent & honest storytelling, Gloria Steinem reminds us to rise up, hand in hand, taking our seats beside men as we embrace honest, open and respectful dialogues that WILL lead to great innovation and true change. Feminism is not a dirty word.

Mind-Body Connection, Scientific Data, Meditation

#6. For those of you who believe in the mind-body connection and believe that the 30% of all healing that is medically attributed to the placebo affect deserves greater attention, You Are The Placebo, by Dr. Joe Dispenza is for you.

What if you didn’t need that sugar pill in that blind study to heal you? Dr. Dispenza is able to explain complex scientific research in the field of neuroscience so that the average person can not only understand it, but become fascinated by it. This book has profoundly changed my life and I hope it does the same for you.

Empire Building 101

#5. If you are in a leadership role or an entrepreneur, put Good to Great, by Jim Collins on your reading list.Boss lady - @BloomLisaIf you want great, there are some tough decisions ahead of you. This book is full of research and examples that empower leaders to grow their business with integrity while detailing the strategies to move from good to great. NOTEA crocodile-like thick skin is mandatory for this type of business model.

Stereotypes, Professionalism, Self Defeating Patterns

#4. For professional women who suffer from Miss. Capable syndrome, especially if you are OR are ever planning to be a mother, please order and consume this next book immediately, Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg. 


As women in business, we must create our own opportunities and recognize the role we play in keeping old stereotypes alive.

Sacred Ritual, Organization, Effectiveness

Hidden Content

#3. If organization is a challenge for you The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey is a classic packed with great tips that I use regularly in my own life and in my work.Success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily - @BloomLisaMindset, Psychology, Growth Potential

#2. For anyone looking to move past old limiting beliefs and self defeating patterns, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential, by Dr. Carol S. Dweck is a must read.


Packed with decades of research and analysis with the most interesting and varied examples from sports to business, this book will make an impact on your life.

Happiness, Abundance, Spirituality

#1. This is often the very first book I give to my clients for their reading list. I believe The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz book should be mandatory reading for all human beings.

Short, easy-to-digest and packed with wisdom, living by the agreements presented in this book may not be easy, but they are the path to a happy and rewarding career and life.

One last tip!

DO NOT buy a stack of books and put them on your bedside table. These amazing books will sadly become something else you haven’t done.

Instead, adopt the philosophy of consuming 10 pages a day of knowledge based reading one at a time. Read articles and books on the topics that excite you. Some of them may be on my list, but many of them will not.

Just read!

until next time…work, live and play in FULL bloom.

your Coach, Lisa