Discover Your Marketing Voice With This 4 Question Quiz, by Lisa van Reeuwyk

Learn your marketing voice by answering these four questions

If you’ve every struggled to make meaningful connections and attract new clients through your social media and marketing efforts, you’re in the right place.

Knowing your ideal client is by far the most important exercise you’ll ever do in laying the foundation of your brand positioning, but have you taken the time to understand the richness and nuances of your own your marketing voice?

Do you know enough about your ideal client to communicate in a way that resonates enough, that fosters trust and connection?

Why does knowing your marketing voice matter?

As an Interior Designer, your clients invest in your services to do it for them. If you’re a Holistic Nutritionist, your clients are investing in your services to teach them how to create a healthier lifestyle. If you’re a business coach like me, clients want you to empower and encourage them.

How we craft our brand voice in our marketing, will attract and repel people. It’s time for you to release the need to please and focus on the values that will turn into truly profitable business. What have you been using your marketing voice to attract?

Read over these four types to discover your marketing voice and keep in mind that you are likely a combination of these options, with one being your primary.


You are a mentor if – you love to empower people, you love encouraging them and pushing them to achieve their goals. Your ideal clients want you to work WITH them to hold them accountable.

Your marketing language is all about connecting.



You are a maven if –  you love getting big ideas into the world. Naturally charming or charismatic. Your ideal clients want you to LEAD them – to show them the new opportunity or a new way of being.

Your marketing language is all about inspiring.



You are a maker if – you love to get things done and see a project to completion. You are a true master at your craft. Your ideal clients want you to create FOR them.

Your marketing language is creating and showcasing your amazing work.



You identify as a mastermind if– you love breaking down big ideas into action steps. You are a planner and problem solver. Your ideal clients want you to break it down step-by-step to show them HOW so they can do it themselves.

Your marketing language is teaching. 

Which marketing voice speaks loudest to you?

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Onwards & upwards,

Your Coach,


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