Four Tips to Create and Set Goals by Lisa van Reeuwyk

What are your current goals?

When you think about growing your business and increasing revenue, does the thought of setting goals send you off to scroll on social media instead of settling into some aligned CEO time?

Most people, and many of my new business coaching clients, come to me with a “goals, schmoals”state of mind.

Your vision, which can be challenging to define and refine because you have soooo many fabulous ideas, also needs to be accompanied by aligned systems that are both simple to follow and easy to use.

Here are four helpful tips to create and set goals like as the empire builder you were born to be.

Take a big dump

Not that kind of dump, a brain dump. Get centered around what you want to achieve in your business this year. Really percolate on your needs, dreams & desires as you take pen to paper and let it all pour out. Once you’re done writing, take a look and first circle the ideas that you are most excited about and secondly, cross out any that feel too hard to do. Whatever ideas are left is your new priority and you can set the pillars of support, those action tasks, that will turn that priority into reality.

Specific is terrific

Vague is the enemy of progress. Statements like, “I want to be happier” or ” I want less stress” or “I want to make more money” may be true, but they are NOT goals. A goal is SMART.

⭐️ Specific
✨ Measurable
⭐️ Achievable
✨ Relevant

⭐️ Timebound

I will increase my revenue to $20,000 / per month starting September 2022 by implementing my new client outreach strategy and re-vamping my consultation and onboarding process by month end.

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Less is more

We have this tendency to want to go big. This is great for a little while when we feel motivated, however, as soon as motivation ebbs, you will find that you are back where you started. As the saying goes, a marathon begins with one step. What can you do consistently each day this week to move yourself forward?

Fall to the level of your systems

To quote James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

What platforms do you use to hold you accountable? Who do you meet with to review the day // week // month // quarter priority and pillars of support to achieve it? I’m a big fan of blocking off CEO Time on your calendar for first thing in the morning after your Sacred Morning Ritual. Before checking messages, which is other people’s To Do list for you, spend some time on business development and revenue generating work that involves your current priority for your business.

Please know that MOST PEOPLE aren’t great at setting or accomplishing their dreams & desires. Mainly because they leave them in the ideation phase, rather than defining and refining their dreams into specific actionable tasks.

If you need some support and guidance in taking your needs, dreams & desires to the next level, you can schedule your free Discovery Consultation with me here.

Onwards & upwards,

Your Coach,


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