Four Steps to Create a Business Model for Wellness Practitioner and Monetize Your Time, by Lisa van Reeuwyk

Unpack your expertise & monetize your time

A traditional business model of exchanging time for money is really limiting given all the opportunities provided by the online space. There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, wellness practitioner or creative entrepreneur.

Unpacking your expertise into an asset for your brand can feel overwhelming, trust me I do this for a living so I know. Just like we summit a mountain one step at a time, you can break down the action steps and start taking consistent and deliberate movement towards your dreams and desires.

Step One: Clarity

A great perk of being the boss is you get to decide everything. Have you mapped out how much you want to be working each week, month, year? With all the options in this digital era of business, what types of services would you like to be offering? Are you looking for location freedom so you can work from the cabin in the summer?

We tend to push forward all the time, and this will not take you where you want to go. Hold some space and brain dump your intentions for your new business model and allow all the ideas to flow. I have a long term client, a graphic design agency, and they sketch out 100 ideas for logo concepts for each new client so they can weed out the bad ideas and allow the best ones to rise up.


Step Two: Define your ideal client

Let’s say that you are a counsellor and you want to see private clients two days per week while creating a business model. You trained in your craft, not in marketing, sales or business. Where to start? First you want to get clear on who you enjoy serving the most and what excites you most. Define your ideal client.


Step Three: First thing first

As you look to create this new business model you want to think about the big picture. Trust and credibility matter and you want to have a spiral model where clients can invest in your services at a lower price point first. This includes one-off workshops, memberships and shorter group offerings with price points under $1000.


Step Four: Establish your online credibility & authority

Now that you’ve shifted from visibility to credibility read my blog to learn about the importance of knowing where you stand on the VCP scale, your client base can easily put their hands up for your deep dive larger investment packages. What does this look like for you? Do you want to work with clients weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? Do you want to shift to group only or do you want a model with low volume and high ticket private clients?


If this all sounds great but you don’t know where to start, let’s talk over a free Discovery Conversation. In the past six months I’ve worked with one wellness practitioner to create, market and launch their first new workshop after discovering the ideal client who sparks joy and excitement and another who launched an eight week group program with a successful Early Bird offering with sales process and scripting training, marketing strategy and so much more.


You aren’t meant to do this alone. Between my private business coaching,  sales training and group business development program, I’ve got you.

Onwards & upwards,

Your Coach,


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