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Lisa van Reeuwyk

Coaches hire me to streamline their coaching practice, make more money and have way more fun. Are you ready for clarity, consistency and a killer cashflow?

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In three months with this hands-on private coaching experience, you will:

  • Create the blueprint for your business model and profit plan

  • Streamline and automate your workflows for on-boarding and serving your clients

  • Define your ideal client and learn how to connect with them in a noisy online space

  • Create packages and pricing
  • Create your winning marketing strategy that converts

  • Learn how to run a business that doesn’t run you
  • Make more money and have more fun
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Coaching for Coaches



I am an entrepreneur & coach myself and wanted outside support to help me get clear and focused on my business goals. Lisa supported me, held me accountable and motivated me to do the work required to make my goals a reality.

I like that Lisa has a spiritual approach to business, this is why I chose to work with her. I shopped around for different coaches but most felt too corporate for me. I liked that Lisa gave me lots of “how to” worksheets and did weekly check-ins, this helped me to feel supported and stay on track as I created structure & systems for my business.

Lisa had endless insights and suggestions which I also appreciated, I trust and value her opinion which doesn’t come naturally for me, so it speaks highly of her work, coaching style and disposition. I also appreciated how nurturing she is 🙂

The different strategies and suggestions that Lisa gave me that fit my lifestyle, personality and schedule were invaluable.

Coaching for Coaches

Create an explosion of abundance!

  • 1 x 2 hr session

  • 6 x 1 hr sessions on Zoom

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Here is what you will experience in the bi-weekly coaching sessions:

  • Routines, Habits & Mindset
  • CEO time + Effective Automations
  • Define and refine your ideal client (this is PURE MAGIC)
  • Brand Positioning + Online credibility and authority
  • Packages, Pricing + Profit Planning
  • Digital Marketing Strategy + 12 Month Landscape
  • Shared cloud-based coaching notebooks for worksheets, collaboration and regular check-ins
Lisa leading a workshop

Good people do good things with their money!

Let’s create the revenue and profits you deserve with a business that supports your lifestyle.



Lisa is an amazing business coach! Not only intelligent, but intuitive and fun! I felt at ease and trusted Lisa right away – allowing me to work with an openness and on a deeper level. With the ability to hone in on the heart of the matter, she helped me work through some blocks, enabling me to take my business to all new levels! Thank you Lisa!

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted.

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