"The five must ask questions for building your brand" - @BloomLisa

One of the biggest challenges my bosslady clients come to me with is their marketing, and with good reason. Building your brand can be your business BFF or your nemesis.

Modern marketing is a tough nut to crack with constantly changing algorithms, steep competition and tight budgets. Unless your posts generate conversation and fast, they will not rank well in the news feed and all your hardwork leaves you feeling like you just vacuumed the entire house and didn’t notice the vacuum was broken.

Whether you are starting a business or have entered into the emerging entrepreneur stage, it is easy to feel overworked, underpaid and quite frankly…like throwing your laptop out the window when it comes to creating an engaging brand that converts.

Here are five MUST ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE you begin building your brand.

1. What am I willing to share and why?

Think of this two ways: personal and professional.

The lines have become blurry on what is private and what is fair game for your Facebook feed.

You need to ask yourself before you start your business, where will you draw the line on what stays private and what becomes public, especially for us Mompreneurs.

If you are an infant sleep consultant, you will be rocking Instagram stories with the ins and outs of motherhood, while an accountant may want to build that KLT (know like trust) factor but maintain more privacy for her family. The way you engage and connect with clients and customers online will also depend on your answer to question four in this post.

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This is an individual decision that only you can make.  It greatly impacts your brand so think it through carefully and do what resonates with you.

Secondly, there is the sharing of information. If you want to be known for massive value and generosity, then you will be comfortable sharing loads of free content…which I strongly recommend. Standing out online is much easier when your potential clients and visitors to your platforms have a chance to engage deeply with your content and begin a relationship with you.


2. What are my non-negotiables?

When you are crystal clear about your core values in your business, magic happens. The process of building your brand has begun when you define your non-negotiables!

Some common core values I see from my heart centred clients wanting to become an entrepreneur include:

fierce conversations


3. What am I really really good at?

I see you grimacing at your screen, but seriously, clients often come to me to “work on” their weaknesses. This will never be the heart of our work together.

You are starting this business because it is your passion and you are good at it, so implementing strategies to enhance your strengths is really smart…just like you boss lady.

As a new student of Marie Forleo’s Bschool, I was recently introduced to an online test called Clifton Strengths, click here if you are interested when you are done reading this blog post.


4. How can I define my “purple cow”.

The phrase purple cow comes from Seth Godin’s book thus named. Identifying what makes you uniquely YOU it is an essential seed in building your brand.

Let’s take some pressure off right now; with 7 billion people out there, the truth is most of them will never buy your product or service. EVER. So let them go. In fact if one out of ten people is buying from you congratulations on your massive success!

Don’t shy away from refining and defining your unique selling features. For me, when I started showcasing my goofy side, embracing my encouraging “cheerleader” nature, making happiness a cornerstone of my communication plan and openly sharing that I have been reading tarot and oracle cards for fun since 1995, I have been able to connect with my ideal client in record numbers.

Which brings us to the final and most important question…..


5. Who are my sweet peeps //clients //ideal customer avatar?

Deeply understanding who will be buying from you is the best organic compost money can buy… without the stank!! This work is non-negotiable in building your brand. Knowing the basic demographics and psychographics is essential, but I encourage you to go way deeper and get your hands dirty.

Diving deeply into their world and mindset will save you so much time, money, energy and frustration if you nail down your ideal client avatar before you start designing, strategizing and marketing your offerings.


I recommend that you embrace going slow to go fast as you embark on this creative process. Building your brand requires a lot of inquiry, exploration and honesty on your part.

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Until next time….live, work and play in full bloom.

your coach, Lisa