Nail Your Bio Every Time - Lisa van Reeuwyk
One of the things many of my clients struggle with is writing their bio. When someone’s interested in working with you, they visit your website and take a look at your about page and read.

How do you create a connection and genuine interest online when someone’s never met you?

Your bio gets re-purposed into your intromercial while networking, introductions for speaking engagements, podcast interviews and all kinds of content where you share your genuine one and only superpowers.

No one else has ever been, or will be YOU. So what are you willing to share that creates a connection?

Here are a few tips I suggest to foster that connection and encourage people to take the next step.

Tip #1 Write your bio in the first person

The reader feels like you are speaking directly to them, fostering connection. While writing in the third person may feel professional and traditional, it isn’t going to create trust or establish likability.

Tip #2 Lead with your unique spices

Take what is special about you and front-load your bio with it. Nobody wants to read another boring bio that lists all of the certifications you have earned. They want to see a human being in there who has some street cred!

Keep the credentials, they are really important, but put them in the second or third paragraph. Or even consider having a section at the bottom of the page to list them if you have a lot of them my life-long learner, superstar achiever.

Tip #3 Imagine yourself composing this bio for a very close friend or valued client

Write it in a tone like you’re speaking to someone close to you that you have an easy-going relationship with. When you are more casual, you are more relatable.

Tip #4 Share from your scars

You get to decide where to draw the line on your brand as to what is fair game in the public eye and what is private and 100% off limits.

I love the saying, “Share from your scars, not your open wounds.”

Tip #5 Use contractions

This creates a conversational tone and flow to your writing rather than stuffy, clinical writing that burdens so many of my clients.

For example,

I am dedicated to working with purpose driven change makers in business who have not been able to fully realize their potential.


I’m dedicated to working with purpose driven change makers in business who haven’t been able to fully realize their potential.

Have fun with it and stir in a hefty dose of connection as you add a healthy dash of credibility, professionalism and expertise.

My blog is packed with resources for business owners, enjoy!

Until next time, be fabulously YOU ??

Your Coach, Lisa