Grow Your Email List With These Five Tips, by Lisa van Reeuwyk

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with your digital marketing strategy, that ends now.

With all the effort, energy and resources you put into marketing, don’t you want ROI? To get your connective content in front of more of the right eye balls, generate greater revenue and engage repeat loyal customers, sending emails is the way to do it.

People check their email multiple times a day, why not create a new strategy to grow and monetize your email list, while building brand awareness and community?

Grow Your Email List With These Five Tips

Tip #1 – Decide + Define

In order for someone to give you their email, an emotional connection and intimacy must be established. Decide how you will create KLT (know, like & trust) and an emotional connection.

For example, a Nutritionist isn’t writing about food in every post. Instead, focusing on symptoms of hormonal fluctuations, fears around the future as energy declines and sleep deprivation increases speaks to their ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) where they are at.

A Personal Trainer can build a brand around healthy lifestyle choices, creating genuine interest and loyal fans is a much smarter strategy. Regularly posting educational, inspiring and entertaining content that speaks to their ICA’s top pain points, drives people to engage & learn even more. This could include emotions around changing bodies, how low energy impacts their ability to play with their kids or connect with their partner.

Remember, when you are so crystal clear about who you help with your brand, your marketing speaks to them where they are at, and not from your level of expertise.

Opt-Ins are that touch point that provide you access to someone’s inbox, opening the door to gain trust. So dive into your body of work and match up the topic and style that matches your ICA.

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One thing 99.9% of ideal clients have in common is that they are super busy.  Keep yours concise, clear and radiate support, comfort and solutions. Think of your freebies and website like a warm hug.

Tip #2 Create a fabulous freebie

Call it a freebie, free download or an Opt-In, you need one. This is created for your Ideal Client to solve a challenge or problem they are experiencing as they seek your perfect solution.

This is where you are going to re-purpose some content you’ve already created. It could be an article, a meditation, a video, an e-book, a cheat sheet, a tip list, a what to avoid list, an audio recording, recipes, meal plans, stock photos, memes, the list goes on and on.

Tip #3 – Create your landing page

Where your Opt-In provided a solution to your ICA’s problem, your Landing Page speaks directly to their pain points.

landing page = pain

opt-in = comfort/solution

Your marketing voice speaks directly to your ideal client. This means you are not using I to start sentences. People only care about what you do in relation to how it benefits them, so keep your language client and results-centric.

For example, Accountants and Life Insurance providers are stereotypically dry, boring & bring attention to issues people would rather avoid. This often results in people pushing these important financial issues to the side.

We don’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

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How can you get creative and entice your ICA?

Tip #4 Consistent & deliberate action

Your digital marketing strategy to grow your email list requires a commitment of time, energy and resources. You want to create some specific goals (learn more about doing that on my blog about goal setting here)  like commenting on five new accounts each day when you open Instagram and five that are already part of your community.

This adds up to 50 engagement a week, 200 a months and 2,500 annually, all at a few minutes a day.

You also want to have a generous and conversational direct messaging strategy. You can say hello and greet new followers to your community and ask them a specific question that relates to your opt-in // freebie. Once they reply you can ask them if it would okay to send them a link for your free download to support them in that area.

Bingo, you’re growing and blooming.

Tip #5 – Be generous

Considering that you need to establish trust before people will purchase from you, sharing your knowledge an expertise generously conveys a really important core value about your brand. What are you willing to share that will benefit people while sparking interest in them to share their coveted email with you and become part of your email list?

Break down into one step at a time and take the overwhelm out of it. Following through on this system is well worth the investment of your time, energy and resources.

Onwards & upwards,

Your Coach,


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