Five Things I know For Sure About Running A Business by Lisa van Reeuwyk

It’s that time of year where we reflect on what we learned and how we grew as we look to the future.

With close to 14 years of running Bloom Business Development under my belt, I know a few things for sure.

1. We are not robots designed to produce non-stop. To quote Dr. Joe Dispenza, “No organism in nature is designed to withstand longterm stress.

It’s time to stop holding up a toxic work culture and start being an inspiration to others as you make bold choices in your own life. This grind-it-out culture has us prioritizing rest to simply fill up our tank to do it all over again. Everyone wants a shift in this lunacy, how can you show up as a leader in your own life? Read last months blog post on how to create more harmony in your professional and personal life.

2.Your vibe attracts your tribe. When you are full of vitality and enthusiasm, people can tell. Your vitality needs to be your top priority. Speaking of the word priority, are you aware that it was originally a singular word? We took that word and turned it into a plural.

Deep truth is always simple, call it your health, wellness, energy or vitality, but this your top priority as a business owner and entrepreneur.

3.If you want to stay small in your business, keep doing everything yourself. Investing in technology and support is not a cost, but an investment in the health, growth and success of your business.

If you do the math, paying someone $150 to clean your house while you spend that time on business development is a no brainer. Not sure where to start?

Spend 3-5 days tracking what you do all day.

Whatever tasks take up the most time and do not generate revenue, add value to your organization or spark joy in you, are a great place to start delegating.

4.Prioritize action over motion. Motion in your business looks like answering emails, research, posting on social media and the day to day mileau. Action is stretching the sticky edges of your comfort zone and actively growing. Think sales, distribution deals, strategic alliances and business development.

5.Know your North Star. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else. As solopreneurs, business owners and leaders you are hard wired to go. Yet, having clarity of vision will save you so much time and frustration as you easily identify what opportunities and directions are the right ones for your business.

✨What is your business model?
⭐️ Do you want location freedom?
✨ Are you shifting into an online model?
⭐️ What is your revenue goal?
✨What position is your next hire and what goal posts will you hit to green light that decision?

A new year is whispering in your ear, and who knows what it will bring. Stand tall in your knowingness that a clear vision will align your thoughts, choices, conversations and of course action, to fulfill your dreams and desires.

You can do and be anything, what will you be?

Keep going, keep growing,

Your Coach,


Photo By: Michele Mateus Photography

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