team culture and lead with clarity and confidenceDelegating, expanding and team building often arrive when we are drowning in our to-do list’s. As women, we can write a to-do list that wraps around the block, it never ends and is always in a fluid state of growth. We are also masters at putting other’s at the top of that list, while we flounder at the bottom. There is a better way. The intention and quality of our tasks as they align with our deepest longings for a meaningful path forward matters.


Sometimes as business owners we are:

Stressed by our waiting list.
Anxious about the uncertainty of the future.
Unsure if the revenue will continue to grow to support hiring.
Completely opposed to the idea of relinquishing any ‘power’ and entrusting our brand to someone else.

If you know me at all you’ve heard me say, “Good people do good things with their money and I help them make even more of it.” Creatives and spiritual types were both traditionally and culturally taken care of by their community. Profits and IG Lives were not part our contribution to society.

Times have changed. And now they’re changing again.

There has never been a more exciting time to be in business. Origin, sexual identity, background or upbringing is of no consequence because possibility and dream fulfilment lies around every corner
But we cannot do it alone. My other mantra is, “If you want to stay small in your business, keep doing everything yourself.”
Growing your team can be fun AND also daunting, complex and overwhelming. There are a lot of considerations and as a coach, a lot of directions I could take my advice but like anything else, breaking down actions into solid foundational tips will help foster intentionality and alignment to your purpose so you can serve more people.
So what are you waiting for GENIUS, let’s dive in.

Here are my Five Tips to Grow an Incredible Team

5. Crystal clarity on your brand positioning

Think about how many clients you work with over the course of a year?

With roughly 7 billion people on the planet, most of you need a relatively small number of clients over a course of a year. Niche down and truly understand where your brand strengths intersect with your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) and FFDD and watch the magic happen!

This positioning ALSO allows you to attract ideal candidates to join your organization.

For example, my client Quincilia Siah of SOS My Space paired coming out of her spiritual closet with doing a deep dive with her ideal client avatars. When she went to re-brand in 2020 with Rachael from Steady Studio  she infused the joy she runs her business with, into her positioning, and then dove a little deeper with her branding images by Michele Mateus.

Quin was able to position herself with clarity and consistency while adding in new high ticket services. She has now confidently expanded into estate sales and larger moves that require a team of trusted professionals. She radiates with charm, professionalism and leadership and in turns attract team members who connect with  the brand equity of SOS My Space.

Position your brand to embody the core values of your organization and attract aligned team members who will be a magnificent fit. And on the subject of magnificence we glide into tip number 4.

4. Only magnificent will do

In the classic book ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins, he suggested that if you fill up spaces with good you don’t have room for great. Personally, I want you to have magnificent.
Did anyone reading this make a life commitment to the first person they went on a date with?
It happens, for sure, but it’s certainly not common. In business, just like in life, we need to screen the pool first. And there is going to be some duds that teach us lessons on how to move forward towards that magnificence.

3. Create and share your manifesto

I love the manifesto. It publicly declares your values, intentions and alludes to your company culture. Post it right on your website and include it in your job posts. Let potential candidates know what your organizations core values are and what the non-negotiables are for running your business. This is how Vishen Lakhiani grew Mindvalley from a hole in the wall in an alley in Malaysia to attracting top global talent. And you can too.
Oh and that leads us full circle back to number 4 – Only magnificent will do.

Humans are biologically wired to make decisions from their emotions. This is why it is such an exciting time to be in business as the Yin energy infuses itself BACK into business in a deeper and more impactful way. Allow new hires to be drawn in by their longing for connection, to make their mark and leave a legacy through meaningful work.

I had a client with a month long wait list who hired me to help her scale her empire and start building a team. She was motivated to start her own practice after the toxic work environments she had been employed in and led with her values and easily grew her team with excellent candidates who shared them.

Lead with your values and the rest will follow.

2. Take it slow

I recommend a tiered system that allows you to decide if you want to take this relationship to second or even third base. Tier one is a 3 month contract / probationary period with fixed amount of hours and a base salary. Tier four (going steady) encompasses an added value remuneration package and clearly defined success plan with perks like an expense account and more vacation.

Example of Tiered Hiring Framework

Plant a seed, and grow a mighty oak.

1. Lead with a vision

Steve Jobs once said,

The greatest people are self managing.They don’t need to be micro-managed. Once they know what to do, they’ll figure out how to do it. What they crave is a common vision. And that’s what leadership is,  leadership is having a vision, being able to articulate that so the people around you can understand it and getting a consensus on a shared version.


Having your entire team take personality tests like True Colours, Myers Briggs, Carl Jung and Clifton Strengths are particularly powerful. Doing this inner work helps us see how we are unique and bring a deeper understanding and empathy to our work.
The best visionary leaders inspire others to dream, they light a spark in their team and attract excellent people. Once you attract them have the systems, processes and protocols in place that allow them to flourish & bloom.

For more guidance on setting you and your team up for success, get hold of my free Life on Purpose goal planner here and start forming positive habits, setting tangible goals and leading from the front.

Your Coach,


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