Bloom Business Development

BNI Gains Profile

Lisa van Reeuwyk
Bloom Business Development

Bloom Business Development

BNI Gains Profile

Lisa van Reeuwyk
Bloom Business Development


  • pass 6+ referrals monthly to my fellow BNI Dynamo members

  • daily joyful body movement where I run farther, lift heavier, stretch deeper and love my body more than the day before

  • continually grow + evolve + listen + learn + contribute

  • double the number of sales training clients over last year

  • be on the leaderboard for TYFCB

  • work with one – two new clients/mo through BNI referrals

  • complete 2023 Twelve New Habit Challenge w/one new habit per month

  • BHAG – to retain a MRR client for in-house coaching for their leadership team

  • to launch a Mindfulness for Work program in 2024


  • two healthy children + 19 year happy marriage

  • running a successful + rewarding business since 2009

  • managing a boutique tv production company in Vancouver, BC

  • producing, hosting and distributing my own travel series internationally, Discovering Great Towns (ATV Productions)

  • award winning blogger, read my business blog here

  • international Best Selling Amazon Author, published in print + online magazines, award winning blogger

  • negotiating six figure deals over the phone

  • hiring, training & managing dozens of team members for a variety of industries

  • growing from one to seven documentary series for broadcast television that we licensed internationally for distribution in a one year time frame

  • overcoming crippling shyness as a young child and now working with other introverts and HSP’s (highly sensitive people) to embrace their quiet power as the gift it is

  • coaching start-ups on brand clarity, strategy and profit plans to run a business that doesn’t run them, as much as quadrupling income


  • mentor with The Forum

  • dress for success: mindset workshops & pro bono coaching

  • ruben’s shoes: fundraising committee

  • tricities chamber of commerce – wib committee


  • Corporate Communications Training College: Business & Marketing w/ a Major in Visual Communication

  • Certified Life + Executive Coach, CCF

  • MBSR Certificate Program with Mindful Leader – 2024

  • Nervous System Regulation + Healthy Boundaries w/ Sacred Life School, 2021, 9 month program

  • Columbia Academy: Digital Video Production

  • Certified Angel Card Reader

  • Student of A Course in Miracles since 2014

  • B-School Grad

  • Annual investments in personal + professional development



  • neuroscience + personal development + wellness + yoga + CrossFit + travel + meditation + sustainability  + life-long learning + nutrition + spirituality + art + camping


  • business development + cashflow + online business models + profit plans

  • sales strategies and techniques and increasing close rates in free consultations, proposals and eliminating scope creep

  • time management + productivity to increase profitability in alignment

  • trauma aware + mindfulness + joyful living + mindset

  • leadership + communication + confidence

  • deep dive into Ideal client + brand clarity + connective content that converts

  • public speaking + workshops + online curriculum

  • breaking down the big picture + motivating change + passive income

  • building community & increasing ROI

Why Refer to Bloom Business Development

  • encouragement is deeply lacking in most peoples lives; my clients tell me I’m the best cheerleader with steel toe boots

  • i’m results-centric in nature while taking a holistic approach that cares deeply about how you get to your desired the end game

  • mutual respect and trust is required for a successful coaching relationship & I am very selective about who i’ll take on as a client

  • with a 14 year track record, I have a deep referral network and multi year clients who live the benefits of holding space for their business and desires with someone they trust

  • i’m known as the spiritual business coach, bringing in many styles from mindfulness to pulling cards to remove blocks and push past limiting beliefs

  • imposter syndrome is a common thread in my clients when they come to me, which we transform into accomplishment and worthiness

  • good people do good things with their affluence and influence, but first they need to lay the foundations in their mind and their business to plant seeds that grow

Current Offerings


Service based business owners and sales executives who offer sales calls have experienced results from my trainings like landing their biggest project ever, and on the call, going from rarely closing clients on their consults to closing 95%.

As an introvert and creative who is also a Certified Life Coach, I’m an expert in navigating the art of sales and holding a safe space for clients to move past blocks and start welcoming new clients.

My sales training is available in three levels to cater to solopreneurs, growing agencies and larger companies with a sales team. programs to create a proper sales system that feels natural, not pushy and leads to closed business with excited clients.

Learn more here.


Solopreneurs, creatives and wellness practitioners invest in my coaching services to create a business that doesn’t run them. Through a variety of private programs, I hold space and provide the support, tools and strategies to make more money and have way more fun.

Learn more:

Create Your Dream Business – If you want to learn how to take all your knowledge and expertise and craft value driven offerings that provide money in the bank along with fuel in your tank, then this program is right for you. Ideal referrals for this three month program include Introverted Creatives, Ambitious Coaches, Heart-Centered Wellness Practitioners and Spiritual Healers.

Client Wins from Create Your Dream Business: Conceive of a new business model and start running online programs quarterly, set up the tech, launch an online group program and sell it out in Early bird, create and finding brand clarity to launch a new business model and triple income.

Don’t take my word for it, watch and read testimonials sharing success stories from holding space for their vision and skyrocketing revenue.

Spark Your Shift – three session over 6 weeks to bring clarity to a massive decision

Client Wins from Spark Your Shift: Shift from indecision about whether to sell or double down and grow, move past burnout and transform how the work week is structured.

Make More Money, Have More Fun – 6 month to create a revolution in your work. Perfect for Directors, CEO’s and leaders who are ready to make changes both personally and professionally as they run a business that doesn’t run them.

Client Wins from Make More Money, Have More Fun: One marketing agency started prioritizing wellness in the face of a serious diagnosis from stress and lack of sleep with a regular self care routine as they onboarded two full-time employees, revamped their ICA and launched a new website to attract them, eliminated scope creep from client onboarding and communication, increasing profits per project by 25% and welcomed in a unparalleled level of confidence, consistency and connection.

Business Breakthrough Session – $200 for 90 minutes for, you guessed it, a business breakthrough. ( No Discovery Call for this)

Client Wins from Business Breakthrough Session: One client had been helping people with her expertise for free, and it was causing resentment and burnout. Together, we created a new system to inform and charge clients for her services, which more than paid for the session two days later and they now have a system that feels fair and aligned moving forward.

Free Discovery Conversation


Crush Your Consults ~ 90 minute online master sales training

What would change in your life if you closed your free consultations and didn’t struggle with asking for the sale?

How would it feel if you waved good-bye to the pressure to “close” everyone that comes your way and focus on solving problems rather than on selling?

What would it mean for your financial picture to NEVER wonder what happened after a great connection only to get ghosted?

Learn how you can turn prospects into paying clients and blow up your bank account (and your confidence). Workbook included with a new script for closing free consults.

This sales training is a sensational referral for service providers who offer a free consult or a professional who does sales calls for a service offering.

90 minutes – Dates coming for early 2024



Ask me about a BNI Discount Code to save $50

Lunch and Learn ~ 60 minute – 120 minute in-person only

Let’s hold a safe space to get to the heart of what makes your team great and explore ways to be even better. These events spark transformation, honest communication, increase productivity and profitability. Feedback like:

I finally started making space for my hobbies and feel so much more enthusiastic at work.
Such a small change led me to get so much more done during the workday and I feel less stressed too.
It’s a challenge to get the team in the room and talk about the big picture, it’s so important and now a much bigger priority.
We’ve worked together for years, but now I feel a bond to my co-workers that wasn’t there before.

From $1997 CAN


Digital fillable copies available online. Click link to purchase, each planner counts as 1 referral. $17 each

Three Month Goal Tracker

12 Month Planner for Entrepreneurs

**Paper workbook format is available for clients and BNI members only by request.


International Amazon Bestseller in multiple business categories, I’m proud to be a contributing author to Spark Your Shift, a collection of stories and tips to inspire, learn and grow. Buy e-book or paperback here.