Create your dream business.

Create your dream business.

Create your dream business.

Create your dream business.

Create your dream business.

Create your dream business.

Welcome, I’m

Lisa van Reeuwyk

What would having a full roster of clients & easeful systems that created more space mean for your life?

What would it be worth to you to kick imposter syndrome to the curb and run your dream business?

Can you take a moment to imagine how freeing it will feel to trust your vision so deeply that you become an unstoppable force?

Make your vision a thriving & truly profitable business.

What is this program?

  • Individualized personal strategy, coaching & encouragement as we elevate your efforts and create your dream business.

  • Re-writing your narratives and living with clarity and renewed confidence as you stop feeding the fear.

  • Simplify your days, systems & business model.

  • Understand who you want to be working with at a deeply personal level, transforming your community in a noisy online space.

  • Start attracting clients who value what you do, how you do it and gladly invest in your offerings and services.

  • Create a highly profitable business model that fuels purpose and profits.

  • Create your online marketing strategy for greater impact and more sales.

  • Start running a business that feels juicy as it fosters joy, curiosity, celebration, generosity, community and creativity.

Coaching for Coaches
Tasleem Jessani, Hypnotherapist & Coach



I don’t believe I can write this with giving full justice to all Lisa has done for me and my company. Working with Lisa is a breeze, but also a challenge (in a good way!) Lisa is organized and has a massive vault of resources, guides, handouts, worksheets, and she will take you through a journey that has valuable pit stops to view yourself and your company in a fully authentic way.

What I enjoy most about working with Lisa is her kind, understanding approach while holding you fully accountable. She sets expectation high but meets you where you are in your life, journey, mindset and goals.

In working with Lisa, I was able to put meaning behind my company and instil the processes I’ve been procrastinating on to achieve my goals. With her expansive knowledge, expertise and network, I was able to:

  • Understand my ideal client
  • Upgrade my pricing to match the value of my offerings
  • Understand & move past blocks to my money mindset
  • Boldly speak about my business and my offerings, and understand branding and marketing in a totally different way
  • Gain confidence in speaking about what I do and creating a kick-ass elevator pitch
  • Crushing my consults
  • Deeply understand my value and how much of the success of my business depends on valuing who I am
  • Level up in my systems that were weighing me down

AND so much more!

If you are ready to do some BIG and DEEP work on your business, you must work with Lisa, she will get you there!

On a personal note, during my time working with Lisa, I went through a massive personal issue that had me completely down and out. Not only did this derail my coaching work extensively, it rocked my world completely and drained me of all my energy and creativity. I shared my issue with Lisa privately and she was amazing and extremely supportive. She took the time to understand what I was feeling, where I could still pull on some motivation, and keep structure in my life to rebuild myself back up. Looking back, I am so surprised that despite something so devastating happening in my life, I was able to keep the ball consistently rolling on my business. This was all thanks to Lisa, I don’t think I could have done it with anyone else!

Create Your Dream Business

If you are an introverted creative, ambitious coach, heart-centered wellness practitioners or spiritual healer, this program will spark an explosion of abundance, new aligned systems and confidence in yourself and your dream business.

This is NOT a cookie cutter program, but one of discovery, alignment and honesty as you focus on your future and unleash your quiet power.

  • Deep-dive onboarding to unveil your aspirations, sticky spots and business blue print.

  • Hand in hand, I will lovingly challenge you as I hold you accountable to your visions and values.

  • Bi-monthly coaching and business strategy sessions over three months.
  • Digital communication to stay connected, encouraged and accountable as you say sayonara to imposter syndrome.

  • Community is my middle name, you’ll have a direct access to my vast vault of business development resources, expert and connections as you plant new seeds and grow.

  • Easy online collaboration using cloud based software.

  • Hold a safe and supportive space for vulnerability, honest communication and courageous action; crying is welcome and encouraged.

  • Set goals and BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and align, rise and shine as we celebrate your success and accomplishments.

  • Navigate the complexity of growing your business with ease, simplicity and stamina.

Is this program right for me?

If you want to learn how to take all of your knowledge and expertise and craft a smart values-driven business that cultivates money in the bank along with fuel in your tank, then this program is right for you. My ideal clients for this program fall into one of these categories: Introverted Creatives, Ambitious Coaches, Heart-Centered Wellness Practitioners and Spiritual Healers.

  • I need to hold space for SPACE, I’m pulled in too many directions.

  • I want to be more intentional about how & where I spend my time and attention.

  • Streamlining and automating my systems sounds heavenly.

  • My dream business connects with others who will experience transformation in their lives when they invest in me services.

  • I’m ready to increase my online credibility and authority and show up authentically.

  • I want to launch aligned offerings that both reflect my values while blowing up my bank account.

  • It’s time for me to create a highly effective digital marketing strategy.

  • I’m called to hold space for my vision for success and start unlearning the conditioning of a patriarchal world with a fellow heart centered soul who believes in me.

  • I understand the importance of setting financial goals within a partnership based on trust and respect, and I want to craft an aligned plan to accelerate abundance in a safe and supportive business relationship as I leverage my unique gifts.

  • I want to work with someone who is encouraging, compassionate, empathetic and deeply cares about people and the results they want.
  • I’m done pushing my dream business off to the side, prioritizing everything else and trying to do it alone without a plan.

Lisa leading a workshop

Good people do great things with their money.

Align your vision & values and create a business with clarity, confidence and killer cashflow.



Before I met Lisa I was wanting to expand my work but unclear as to where to start and how to begin. I felt overwhelmed with the idea of marketing and promoting but Lisa helped shift my perspective, helped me gain confidence in my work and my abilities, and taught me how to move into sales and marketing from a place of authenticity, connection, and care; a huge game-changer for me. Lisa gave me a clear framework as to how to make much of what I desire in my work happen, while still connected to my values. She taught me how to share my offerings in a more efficient and effective way, helping me sell out my first ever online program! Although I am still learning, I am incredibly grateful to have learned from Lisa the fundamental tools and skills needed to expand and grow my business.

Maria Fabiano

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted.


What would change in your life if you had a plan, more space and skyrocketing revenue?


Are you ready to make a greater impact and change people’s lives with your work?

Kirsten Sherlock from Flourish Counselling



I was at a point as a counsellor where I wanted to find other ways to support people outside of 1:1 counselling. I love what I do and working with people, and I wanted to offer more but wasn’t sure how I could do that with also maintaining balance for myself. I had no business plan moving forward and I also wanted to re-brand my business, yet again had no idea what steps to take moving forward.

Lisa was able to help walk me through all the steps I needed to re-brand my business, from head to toe! She also helped me find a business plan that will work for my business to ensure I can continue to do what I love, but also maintain balance in my work and personal life. Lisa was enthusiastic and motivated which helped push me past my comfort zones to put myself out there and be who I am and be confident in what I do.

My favourite thing I learned from Lisa was how to structure a successful workshop that I am able to offer to so many people! I had no plan or ideas in place and Lisa worked with me to pull everything together with support and encouragement and now I have a workshop that I offer every 2 months that I am very proud of and love presenting!

The short-term investment in Lisa’s coaching gives long terms results!