An Organizing System To Keep Clutter Away FOREVER

Who doesn’t want to hear a simple organizing tip that will change your life forever? Is it too good to be true?You have come a long way baby. You have been working so hard a this organizing challenge. But hey, isn’t getting organized supposed to make things easier? It really hasn’t felt that way has it?

You have been filing, cleaning, sorting, purging, donating, organizing, shopping, renovating and who knows what else.

And I would put money on it that you would consider going on a food strike to avoid having to go through it all again.

This week’s tip is a tried and true method for keeping the clutter away.

Tip #6 – Something in, something out.

Whenever you bring something fabulous in, something has to go. This not only helps you keep spending under control, but this system keeps the clutter away.

Bonus Tip*

Either the night before or early in the morning, spend a couple of minutes to organize incoming materials.

If you can follow this simple rule, you will keep the contents of your space under control as the good energy flows. An added bonus to following this rule is it often keeps you from making impulse buys. Only the most fabulous of the fabulous is allowed.

It is easier said than done of course; with the constant flow of mail, shopping, clothing, toiletries, project files, photographs, children’s art projects, new shoes, seasonal items….you get the idea.

Something in, something out. It will change your life forever.

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your Coach, Lisa van Reeuwyk