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We may read less in the traditional sense, like enjoying an educational work of non-fiction or a historical yet salacious page turning thriller, but we aren’t actually reading any less.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, blogs, newsletters, general web surfing, emails and texts, you are inundated with thousands of micro messages each day. No wonder living mindfully feels like an unattainable dream. I haven’t even included the demands of the warm blooded human beings in your life, Some of them are of the leg-hugging variety while some are full grown. Big or small, they are often another distraction adding to the mental clutter in your mind.

What is a girl to do?

Here is an information and revealing post I found titled, Why We Can’t Read Anymore.

Here we are at the final tip in my seven part GET ORGANIZED series. It had to be deep; I am usually the deepest person in the room. The better the questions, the better the results and this tip is the results of a deep exploration into what makes for long lasting and sustainable success.

You are pulled in a million directions yet you end up nowhere.

You are trying to figure out how to live more mindfully when another beep, request or interruption arrives. Like a pack of hungry lioness stalks prey, demands on your attention and time make you feel like you are being ripped apart (metaphorically of course).

Tip #7 – Don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

What motivates you to work as hard as you? Once you clarify this HUGE WHY in you life, keep only the internal and external “stuff” and release the rest. The clutter on this inside leads to producing clutter on the outside.

Never underestimate the powerful force of clutter and space in your inner and outer worlds.

Clutter comes in many forms and from many influences yet it is a symptom of something hiding in the depth of who you are. To implement positive and long lasting change, being clear on why you have this clutter, paves the way down your yellow brick road.

Yes, my coaches hat is on.

How did this journey of being pulled apart by the demands of life and stuff begin? Where did you want to go when you started taking on all of this work, all of these belongings, all of this baggage?

Your mind needs space to roam.

You life requires time to play.

It is time to clarify your intentions for your life.

How do you want to live? Understanding your own power in creating more abundance and happiness in your life is a giant leap forward.

I also invite you to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and think about why you have the clutter that you do have.

Some examples are:

  • digital files
  • physical relics of days gone by
  • clothing
  • negative thoughts patterns
  • collectables
  • and on and on it goes.

Why has this item shown up and what is it hiding?

If this answer eludes you, try spending some time with these items. Remember I told you I was the deepest person in the room. In your mind ask, “Why are you here?” Then get quiet, be still and pay attention to the thoughts that enter your mind.

This answer may not come in what I call “made for tv time”, so be patient. If you have been hanging onto this clutter for a long time or it feels especially hard to let it go, this answer may need some encouragement and time to come to the surface.

Clutter makes me think of Buddhist monks and their spectacular sand mandalas. Training for years to perform this ritual, monks spend countless hours over many days creating these amazing works of art, only to destroy them afterwards as a symbol of the impermanence of life.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga5s_qYgJS8[/embedyt]

True joy can not be bought from a cash register.

The art of non-attachment serves us all well. I congratulate you for making the wise decision to value your happiness more than your clutter. To live mindful and enjoy a much deeper experience. Choosing to release that which no longer serves you for a brighter, clearer more energetically charged future.

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We are all different and require different starting points. Some items are easy to purge while others cling onto you like a leach in the amazon.

Be strong and if you don’t love it, lose it.

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Until next time, be fabulously YOU!!

your Coach, Lisa van Reeuwyk