Conversations for Success

That deep belly, tear inducing, stomach hurting laughter is one of the best feelings on earth. So is dancing with a freedom and rhythm that pulses in the depth of your soul.fabulously_you

Even more important, is the ability to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Hey gorgeous! It’s nice to see you. Today is going to be our best day yet. I’ve got your back, so go out there and rock it.”

The road to success, happiness and abundance is different for everyone, yet it starts in the same way for each of us.

The first step is a good hard look in the mirror where you recognize the amazing, intelligent and fabulous soul that you are. This inner dialogue is the landscape where you can paint any reality you choose with some well placed thoughts and a personally crafted action plan.Future pastThe future is created in the present moment. It is all we have to work with.

I strongly believe that we stand in our own way more than any person or circumstance out there. Being able to harness your power, rather than outsourcing it to others is the key to your success.

I focus my work around unleashing individual’s barriers to living a life that you (freakin’) love. Like the famous quote goes, “Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.” It is only once you have stopped trying that you have actually failed.

I taught a new workshop to clients of  Dress For Success, Vancouver in October 2015. There were 26 courageous women who participated in my half day workshop, Conversations for Success. Each lady, in her own beautiful way, brought her courage and slapped her vulnerability onto the table while she worked, engaged and connected.

I asked one of the clients when she last said, “I love you” to herself.

She answered, “Never.” I changed that in a hurry.

A few take aways from the day include:

  • Everyone has a story underneath that bullet proof smile, be kind whenever you can. You always can.
  • When you smile at someone else they smile back; you attract back what you put forth just like a boomerang. Smiling and making eye contact is also a confidence building habit that leads to being more open and connecting with new happier people.change_is_hard
  • Change is really really hard. You need a plan, repetition, purpose, support, courage, grit, gratitude and forgiveness in order to make big or small changes in your life. Do all these things and hit repeat. Then repeat again each and every day.stories_shape_lives
  • You can 100% count on the world to be harsh and beat you up; be your own super hero. You can always count on you.superhero
  • You are the only person who has been there for every step and every breath of your life. Appreciate yourself and all that you do. You have the most influence over your life and you are the most important person in your life, period.fear_constant_companion
  •  Fear doesn’t belong in the driver’s seat, that is your job. Take your fears out for a drive, acknowledge what they are warning you about, then kick them into the backseat where they belong. Perhaps even into the trunk. They are your constant companion, so reduce your fears to a back seat driver. Unless of course you see a grizzly bear, then toss those keys back to fear and let it drive the get away car. be_about_the_good_thing
  • Your thoughts make up 85% of the conversations in your life. Your thoughts become words, conversations, habits and eventually a part of your personality. Be about the good thing. When you find yourself in old thought patterns, take notice and choose the next thought on purpose.innerworld
  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you truly want to create a new cycle for your health, family, work, finances, you name it, then be prepared to feel uncomfortable once you start taking action on your plans for a life that you love. Recognize feelings of discomfort as a good sign that you are on your way to something bigger and better.selfcare
  • If you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t in any position to care for others. Self care is not selfish. Self care allows you to be rested, mindful, passionate, to live with purpose and grace as you create that life that you love.

Conversations For Success, fosters confidence, joy, purpose and passion. It creates an opportunity for you to honour your accomplishments, your strengths and to harness your power to create a life that you love. On purpose.

I am excited to teach this workshop in the months and years ahead; to spark flames of purpose and watch them light up is a job I am honoured and grateful to have. Lucky lucky Lisa.

I will be announcing dates for online and in-person events soon.

A big thank you to Dress For Success, Vancouver for inviting me to speak to their clients and for inviting me back in the spring to do it again!

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me today.

If you are ready for a collaborative process to realize your BIGGEST DREAMS, contact me for a FREE consultation.

Until next time, be fabulously YOU!!

your Coach, Lisa van Reeuwyk