Success Tips from 15 years in Entrepreneurship, a business blog for creatives, healers and practitioners by Lisa van Reeuwyk Reeuwyk

What does success mean to you?

From being re-structured out of my job as a Senior Producer and television host in 2008, this month I celebrate 15 years running Bloom Business Development. Success means something different to each of us, yet I’ve found most people haven’t done a self inquiry into what it means to them. Financially, spiritually, professionally, emotionally or personally. We we think about what we were taught by adults and society, and reflect on what success means in our life, we’re likely to have some massive inner dings. If you’re one of these people, keep reading.

Being self employed and working with introverts, creatives, practitioners, CEO’s, executives, parents and people who have giant hearts and big ambitions, I know clarity is the back bone to success for anyone. For me, it’s been a buckle your belt kind of adventure with some epic years and ones I’m happy to have behind me. It has been:

A true gift

Over the years I’ve weathered a financial crisis during launch, welcomed a second child, moved homes and offices, launched a sales training division that has generated a phenomenal amount of wealth and impact, buried my mom-person, watched my business bloom during the pandemic, switched to a four day work week (cause I’m my own boss & I control my calendar) and had the flexibility to be present for my kids, served hundreds of clients through private and group coaching, became a best selling author, Certified Life & Executive Coach, a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, collaborated with incredible women in business, embraced my grey hair, received a second autoimmune diagnosis, presented to thousands of people as a public speaker, and so much more.

As I reflect on the success of Bloom Business Development, the lessons learned, relationships built and paths less travelled, even though it wasn’t always easy, it was absolutely worth it.

Here are eleven secrets to success I’ve learned over the past 15 years:

1. Discipline is the path to freedom: Motivation ebbs and flows like the tides. Sure you can ride that wave for a short time, but it’s going to crash. Get clear and take aligned action to create what you want. On the tough days and low moods, make it small, but consistency rooted in discipline and alignment will change your life.

2. Lead with trust: Trust is hard won and easily lost, and it takes more than a trending template on your website to earn it. If people trust you they will work with you, so show up each day as you work and live embodying your values

3. Success requires new experiences: When we’re thirsty, we drink water and when our stomach rumbles, it’s a clear sign we’re hungry. However, that restlessness that starts in our 30’s is harder to figure out. I’ve come to see that when our need for life long learning isn’t met, people start to lose their way. Never stop learning and following your curiosities with a sense of wonder.

4. Daily mindfulness: Life is getting more urgent and it’s created a phenomenal amount of stress. It’s hard to see that the cure is in the slowing down, when there is so much to do and quickly. Yet, opening the door to mindfulness unleashes a torrent of what you actually want; joy, connection, ease and a sense of accomplishment. To do this, start by saying yes to your needs. To this moment. This breath. This thought. To quote Dr. Joe Dispenza, “No organism in nature is designed to withstand longterm stress.” (Yes, I’m talking to you).

5. Clarity is queen: The change you seek won’t happen until you get clarity and if you won’t slow down, you’ll keep struggling. When you get clarity, it’s like all the traffic lights turn green or your fav song comes on at just the right moment. Hold space to think, to be and watch the ideas flow.

6. Your path to success is unique: ​There isn’t a quick fix or “one thing”. I’ve been called both a Swiss Army Knife and a Naturopath for your business, because I’ve seen how it’s only with a holistic approach wrapped in compassion, connection and creativity that people cultivate lasting change. You’re unique, and it’s your work to find the systems, levels of stimulation, tools, support and cadence that works for you. Doing this, is one of the best parts of my work.

7. You really do know best: ​The nagging voice of others paired with our inner critic can drown out the best of intentions, For this introverted HSP (highly sensitive person), I’m constantly embracing my inner Eleanor Roosevelt and leaning into the unknown. I can do this because I trust my inner knowing and that it will not lead me astray. Trust thyself.

8. Nurture your relationships: ​I’ve found that nothing beats a trusted referral when you’re a coach. I’ve spent and sadly wasted more money than I care to admit on digital strategies and social media agencies. Having so many incredible people show me such generosity and trust in my work has been such a blessing.

9. Throw out the playbook: ​There has never been a more exciting time to be in business and to make a meaningful impact taking new more flexible approaches to work. I see some of my inspiring clients living the laptop nomad lifestyle while their business thrives back home. Some of them even take in-depth trainings in other countries as their business surpasses revenue targets. The playbook has changed, and when you dream bigger, the rewards bloom like a summer garden.

10. Trust what’s in your heart & know you’re worthy: You regret the things you don’t do, not the things you take aligned action on. There is no time machine to go back and say yes to that opportunity that felt intimidating. Today is the day to set that healthy boundary or walk over and meet that person whose energy you were vibing with. Trust your inner knowing, it won’t lead you astray.

11. Stop should-ing: Client feedback tells me a favourite Lisa-ism is, “If it isn’t a f^*k yeah, it’s a no.” Life is too short for should-ing all over it. Focus on living, not life-ing and you’ll find yourself on the path towards aligned and authentic success.

Keep going, keep growing

With deep gratitude and appreciation to the many clients, mentors and the organizations who have trusted me as they align, rise and shine, thank you does not convey how much your investment in Bloom Business Development and Lisa has impacted my life.

Onwards & upwards we go.

In the next year, things are evolving in exciting new directions. Some key collaborations with past clients are in the works. A retreat in January 2025 for Conscious Entrepreneurs and a weekend workshop for wellness practitioners are two I’m particularly excited about.

I’m back in school with Mindful Leader, and excited for how it will impact my team building workshops and lunch and learns to support organizations grow with intention, putting their people front and center.

Thank you for being here and for sitting with your own needs, dreams and desires. If you want to talk about working together, schedule your free consult here.

They matter.
You matter.

Onwards and upwards we go,

Lisa van Reeuwyk