Say goodbye, au devoir and adiós to the blues….with something as simple as the colour yellow.

As we wrap ourselves into cozy blankets, trade our sandals in for rain boots and say goodbye to refreshing sips of lemonade as steamy mugs of hot tea warm our hands, I feel a strong pull to explore my inner sunshine.sun-sunflower

Inner sunshine?

Known as that large area in your tummy where you get butterflies when you feel nervous or that area referred to by the cringe inducing word “core” used by pilates, yoga and fitness instructors around the world. Inner sunshine comes from here.

When you are connected to your core, you are confident, courageous, living with grit and in harmony with your vision for a life that you love.daffodil_macro_enough_HB2015

Our energy centres, also known as chakras, are located throughout our body, but we typically work with seven main ones. Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel, as healthy chakras are clear and bright as they spin in a clockwise direction.chakradance

When your energy centres are unclear, dull or muddy in colour, you can feel it. You don’t feel your usual vibrant self. Depending where the imbalances are, you can be filled with varying degrees of doubts, fears, frustration and even anger.Thin-fabric-cloth-Printed-photography-font-b-background-b-font-font-b-yellow-b-font-bokeh

Back to the inner sunshine.

Bright yellow is the colour of our power centre, the solar plexus chakra. When you say or think the words,

“I choose…..”
“I decide…..”
“I believe….”

The words that follow these affirming statements shape your experience in a powerful and life altering way. Of all the conversations you have, 85% of them are with yourself!seamless-pattern-of-yellow-lemon-slices

My Top Tip For More Inner Sunshine

Spend your day making choices that will have you smiling when you reflect back on who you spoke to, what you spoke about, how you conversed with them and why you said what you said.

You have the power to lift yourself up or tear yourself down, to be your own soft place to fall or your own worst critic. Thanks to our monkey minds, you can be all of these things in the span of a few minutes. Perhaps you have never thought of it as talking to yourself, but you do it….all day long. This inner world creates your outer world. This inner dialogue lays the foundation for your conversations with everyone else in your life.Hafiz_HB

No talking yourself out of adventure or opportunity today. When you reach the end of today, knowing that there isn’t an undo/redo button, how will you remember it?

Whatever you choose, I want it to be with a smile and some pride. Acknowledging your triumphs and your courage for all that went well while letting the other stuff be a lesson not a thorn in your side.

Adventure can simply be breaking a tried and true routine, habit or familiar route by doing something a little bit different. It doesn’t have to be worthy of a National Geographic spreadbee-animal-wallpapers21

Make a decision so strong and so committed that you can’t not carry it forward into your day of planting seeds of love, generosity and wonder. I want you to observe how when you smile at the people around you how that energy comes back to brighten up your world.

If you can’t see any sunshine out there to warm up your day, why not make some of your own? Choose your next thought on purpose.


Live life in FULL bloom – your coach, Lisa

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