How to make more space for something even better you're struggling - @BloomLisaI have been struggling with a major loss.

So much so, I couldn’t figure out what to write about this month.

Spring is a cornucopia of blooming metaphors for business development, growth and change. Heck, I’m @BloomLisa of Bloom Business Development and cherry blossoms are not only my jam, but this is the season of fresh starts, momentum and open doors.

I am a Certified Life + Executive Coach and spout off inspirational quotes and thought provoking questions for a living, and I found myself battling with a case of writer’s block.

I am known to say, the personal shows up in the professional, and I am no exception.

While journeying down the rabbit hole into a space I have not ventured for many years, I have been feeling a deep soul-wringing sadness and a loss. With it came a numbness and pre-occupation with the past. When our light dims in one area, it dims across the board. We can’t limit who we are in one area without also suffering in the areas we want vitality and growth.

My enthusiasm had left the building. #thestruggleisreal

I am coming out the other side, but it’s a process.

Process is muddy and messy.

It is full of,

sharp left turns
dead ends
hail storms
full blown tsunami’s
and then,
at last,
we see a flicker of light way down at the end of the tunnel.

Life doesn’t look like a perfectly curated Instagram feed.

A few pearls of wisdom I am left with after pulling all those weeds out of my garden,

Struggling can feel like failure. When this happens, say thank you.

Thank you for bringing attention to this area where the weeds have taken over. Thank you for shining a bright light on this issue so I can do better, love more and be more present. I believe we have only failed when we have stopped trying. Someone really really smart said that … and I believe it wholeheartedly.

Live in the now.

When I became conscious of how much I was struggling, I realized I was living in the past, romanticizing something that had been tremendous and enriching but actually hadn’t been for quite a long time. I release it to make room for the new.

An open door allows opportunities to flow in that are beyond comprehension.

Give it space.

The space of a pause in a conversation,
entering the expanse of the wild,,
a break from daily habituated routines,
a chance to appreciate what is right in under your nose.

Be about the good thing

When I stay focused on what I want to cultivate in my garden, I am able to manifest and create it. I believe we must evaluate those sharp left turns and dead ends for the teachable moments they are so they don’t repeat and escalate.

But do not dwell on them. Stay with the pain and once the lesson has been learned, release it and move towards the open doors where the light is poking in.

I had a client once who was a dedicated Buddhist. Whenever a monk came through and gave a talk to gather people in the community, he would reported back to his mentor and was asked, “What was the teaching?”. If my client reported that there wasn’t one, his mentor replied, “Useless!! There must always be a lesson?! What a waste of time.”

When I sit with the pain and listen to the answers that come up as I ask the hard questions of myself, I can nurture the seeds I have planted and diligently pull out the weeds when I stay aligned with the knowledge I have acquired. And so can you.

Each situation, good or bad, has a teachable moment if we are open to receive it.

The next time you are blind-sided in life, personally or professionally, ask yourself, “What is the teaching here? What do I need to learn?”. Then get really quiet and open up the space in yourself to receive the message.

Moving forward, I come out of this tsunami with deep gratitude and a new appreciation for the blessings all around me and the muddy mess I am now done struggling with. Hallelujah!

I am determined to be even more vulnerable with my inner circle.
To be even bolder in trusting my intuition in my work.
To use softness as the greatest strength and kindness as a superpower.
AND to be more ok with myself when I don’t do those things.
To continue to love myself no matter what so I can extend that love to others.

Gratitude, appreciation, vulnerability and courage; this is where my garden grows.

Until next time …. onwards & upwards,

Lisa ??