"Are you thriving or surviving?" - @BloomLisaThriving versus surviving is a popular topic, and for good reason. You are working harder and longer than ever before while many are accruing debt at an unprecedented rate. Meanwhile, the internet is marketing at you at every click to attack your bucket list at full throttle in your dream convertible.

What is a boss lady like yourself to do?

Keep reading, you will be glad that you did. This story is either about you, will be about you or is about many people you know who are simply surviving when they could be thriving.

In last week’s post I shared the story of Miss Capable as she lassos her career like a super hero. This week we introduce romance and enter an exciting new chapter in life.

To get you caught up, Miss Capable is in the early stages of her career and committed to rise all the way to the top of the corporate world.

Miss Capable Meets Mr. Right…

…they date, take sunny holidays, eat at foodie restaurants, get engaged at a surprise picnic set against a picture-perfect backdrop with the diamond ring of her dreams.

Ahhh…life is beautiful.

Work is going great. Marriage is an adjustment but the newly pre-fixed Mrs. Capable is enthusiastic as she learns about taking care of two people and a household while staying at the top of her game at work. She is gonna rock this next chapter of her life just like every other challenge!

The Love Birds Nest

Mr. Right likes things squeaky clean and organized. His mom was an amazing mom, cook and home maker. Did I mention that her family was her full time job and didn’t raise her son to help out? 

The newlyweds could have split the work of balancing a budget and managing a household equally between the two of them…..but they didn’t have that conversation. Despite both having demanding careers, aspirations for senior management roles and extra curricular interests, Mrs. Capable is doing the vast majority of the work.

On top of all the household management, Mrs. Capable is also busy working at night and on the weekends.

Things look pretty good for Mr. Right

Well let’s be honest it isn’t all great for Mr. Right considering Mrs. Capable is so busy managing work and life responsibilities that she has very little time for him. This includes marital relations;  she pretty much collapses into bed at the end of the day but who can blame her?  Mr. Right feels that she is a little annoyed and distant lately. Hmm…I wonder why?

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Until next time, live life in FULL bloom.
your Coach, Lisa

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