Your secret to killer cashflow - Lisa van Reeuwyk

Riding the revenue roller coaster is no fun. Navigating a healthy flow of revenue and cashflow in your business can be frustrating and elusive even for experienced entrepreneurs and managers.

I have some advice for you that is simple and easy to follow that can make all the difference and bridge the gap: once and for all.

Let me put this in TV terms.

Coming from a television background and running a boutique production company had me wearing many hats.

I learned quickly that in order to have a healthy cashflow and meet our payroll and other bills, we had to have a simple process.

We always had new productions in one of  three stages:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-production

It’s the same for your business.

New ideas, new offerings, new locations, new services, new packages, new ideas to sell to your customers and generate new revenue streams, repeat purchases and flowing testimonials.

We’re all in production in someway or another. This is doing the work that people are paying us for whether it’s product or service driven. This is what it’s all about.

Don’t neglect your post-production being so busy chasing new money. Finishing strong and providing high-quality deliverables that exceed expectations is non-negotiable.

You want to essentially guarantee a long-term successful relationship with your clients or customers.

Remember, it’s seven times more expensive to get a customer than it is to keep a customer.

Make sure you are spending time each week in all three areas of your business. Block your time and schedule it on your calendar; organizing your life around your top goals is the fertilizer they need to grow deep roots and bloom.

Time is precious.

Think of it as a gift you generously give. Who and what are you gifting it to?

Follow the 80 // 20  rule and put 80% of your energy into the 20% of your work that will bring in the most revenue.

It’s a new decade and a New Year and I want you to live it ON PURPOSE.

Onwards & upwards,

Lisa ???