A holistic business blog by Lisa van Reeuwyk, How to achieve sales without feeling pushy

How to drive sales without feeling pushy.

I’ve been in sales since my internship at CTV, cold calling for audience members for The Vicki Gabereau Show back in 2003. TBH, we’ve all been in sales since we were little kids, convincing our parents to let us have dessert, play a little but longer or watch yet another show.

Sales has a bad rap. It has been attached to a very yang // masculine energy where someone (the seller) pushes their agenda on a person in need of help (the prospect). The used car salesman stereotype comes to mind, where using all kinds of tactics, theatre and often questionable integrity to convince you to buy.

That isn’t what you’ll find in this blog on selling to grow your business.

The truth is, that kind of selling is dead. If you lack a proper sales system, loathe sales or fly by the seat of your pant while sweating profusely and listening to your stomach gurgle like you just ate a pot of chili and some Volcano Wings, try one of these three sales tips instead.

Harness the power of social proof

People love a good story and when you see that others have experienced your service or product with great results, they will want those results too. According to Big Commerce, 92% of customers read online reviews before buying and 88% of consumers trust online testimonials as much as recommendations from friends or family.

Lead with intention

Your intention matters. I’m all about sacred rituals both personally and professionally. It’s sacred because of the intention behind it and becomes a ritual when you funnel your bandwidth and attention towards it. Having one where you get centered, intentional and where you approach conversations fostering connection, change and trust, well this is where the magic happens. Learn more about benefits of your sacred rituals here.

What is your intention as you engage prospects?
Why did you start your agency, practice or business in the first place?

When you are connected to your Why, people will connect to that and open up to working with your brand.

Create a sales system

Do you have a bullet list of SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) that you follow when you engage a new lead? If not you need one. Writing that down will show you a lot about gaps you may have in your sales process. How do you engage leads and stimulate lead generation? What is your process for running a free consultation? How do you close a sale? Do you have a process for proposals if you send them? And what is your follow-up process within your sales system?

If it felt comfortable, it wouldn’t be anything new. Remember, without revenue you don’t have a business. You work so hard and there are people out there who needs what you are doing in the way that you are doing it. This is your purpose, to show up each day and create the best tomorrow you can, intentionally stretching the sticky edges of your comfort zone.

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