Highly effective people create lasting change by doing this

Highly effective people do this to create lasting change and you can too

I meet good people who genuinely want to be singing fa-la-la, but life is definitely more blah-blah-blah.

If you want this to be the year you become a highly effective person who creates lasting change in your life, it’s really simpler than most people think. That doesn’t mean your brain isn’t going to muscle up on you and drop kick your efforts. Hell no, BUT, it is simple to structure the shift into high gear.

Hear me out.

I am like a productivity ninja. I love order, accountability and action. I’ve been told I wear velvet gloves as I wield my change-making toolbelt to create new realities, bigger impact and a lot of joy as clients shift into that vision of being a highly effective person.

Simple, small and specific.

Start Tiny to Create Massive Results

The tinier the behaviour, the better. Start small to create massive change. For example, I set the new tiny of doing two squats every time I went to bathroom for the month of August, I’d become more sedentary since COVID hit and wanted to get my body moving. By the end of the month I was up to 10 squats each time I went and  had naturally started doing yoga classes and cross fit workouts too. It all started with a tiny habit of two squats. Four months later I’m working out 3-4 times each week and moving onto new tiny habits.

I’m a huge fan of BJ Fogg’s work and an effective method to create a tiny habit that sticks is to anchor your new habit to an existing one.

After I
I will

If you want to start flossing:
After I put my toothbrush away
I will place my floss on top of it


Or take better care of your skin:
After I brush my teeth
I will wash my face


A powerful mindset shift replaces your I have to’s with I get to’s. 

Statements like, I have to catch up on my emails or I have to tackle that mountain of laundry become a practice of gratitude when they turn into I get to. All the things in your world that you get to do, they are blessings of abundance, opportunity and life long learning and it all shifts with one short word, how cool is that?!?


Sometimes my weeks have no wiggle room, between clients calls, discovery conversations and horseback riding lessons. I get to spend time with so many interesting people who trust me to guide them down this highway of life. What a blessing that I have the resources to take my kids to classes and lessons and watch them grow and develop – I get to is a great take – away from today.


It’s your job to drill down the specifics of  WHAT you want. The HOW is the response of your consistent & deliberate action. Success is not a an act but a habit after all.


Make it small and easy.


Identify behaviours that you are motivated to do that are also easy to do.
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Keep going; keep growing. ?

Your Coach,