Be a master networker - a connective and genuine approach - @BloomLisaPeople know me as a networker a lot. I can trace so much success, credibility, growth and community back to networking.

Last month, I partnered up with Vancouver stylist Tamara Mainardi and gave some tips about networking that you can read here. I urge you to read that too; it’s packed with some uh-MAZING networking tips. 

The feedback encouraged me to create a three part master blog series on networking for you. 

When I first learned this concept, it produced an explosive “Aha!” moment in my mind.

What is this explosive tip used by master networkers?

I was introduced to this idea called the ‘curve of credibility’.

People do business with people they like. Think about it in terms of KLT, which stands for:


The curve of credibility refers to the scale and speed with which someone is going to know, like and trust you and your business.

At the beginning of the curve of credibility… you have a low-cost offering (for example, a florist).

Imagine that you make an impression on someone you meet at an event, exchange cards & even connect on Instagram. The next time they need to get some flowers, it’s not a big stretch for them to order an arrangement from you. 

There is no:

  • Long term time commitment
  • Significant financial investment 
  • Exchange of personal or sensitive information

Further up the curve of credibility would be a service provider (for example, a photographer or branding agency).

Before investing in a service such as these, it’s a sensible conclusion that you would do your homework. This can be done by researching the company and reading through online reviews.

It’s also important that you feel comfortable to share your vision and core values for your brand with this service provider. You would also ensure that their vision aligns with yours and that you feel excitement with their creative style.

Quite high on the curve of credibility would be someone like a realtor or a business coach, like me.

You’re putting a lot of trust in this type of person while investing a considerable amount of time, energy and capital in the process as we develop a fairly intimate relationship. This is why networking created an explosion in word of mouth referrals that led to new clients for me.

When a close friend or respected colleague refers a product or service to you, you would trust their recommendation.

Someone like a financial advisor, they might as well have sling shot themselves off the credibility curve. It takes a long time to develop enough trust for a client to invest in their services. 

They don’t operate at networking events like they’re going to meet someone and get hired on the spot.

Why is this networking tip so transformational?

When you understand where you are on the curve of credibility, you can approach people and talk to them in a way that allows you to build a genuine relationship with them. One that respects where each of you are on the curve of credibility.

Knowing this essential tip for networking, how will you adjust the way you engage with people you meet? 

What will you START doing?

What will you STOP doing? 

How can you create more trust and establish credibility with your network?

  • Show up regularly
  • Join groups that feel right and you can see yourself referring business in
  • Follow up quickly with the people you meet
  • Book a tea or a Zoom call to get to know each other …
  • … and be interested, not interesting

When you focus on giving over receiving, you will be amazed at what comes back to you.

Onwards + upwards,

Your Coach, Lisa ??

Photo Credit: Michele Mateus Photography