Can You Hear The Whispers? - @BloomLisa

How Whispers Can Save You From Massive Mistakes

As I engaged in the process of a digital de-cluttering of my coaching files last week, I stumbled across a note I wrote back in 2013. As I read it, I heard an inner calling to share it with my community. Let’s call it one of those whispers from within.

I have shared this wisdom countless time over the past five years; trust me when I say this is the good stuff!! I am blown away by the massive impact that night made on my life as a woman, coach, wife, mother, friend and human being.

Here is the magic from that pivotal event:

Tonight was a very special night indeed.

I saw one of my greatest teachers, saviours and mentors in action at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC along with 16,000 other people.

She was so personable, so funny, so comfortable in her own skin. Imparting so much wisdom with so much grace and so much humility. Her story is one of hardship, of faith, of instincts and of the power of your intention.

I have been tweeting about that lately. So cool to see that as her focal point tonight.

Listen to the whispers.

I love what she said about Lance Armstrong. We all want to be forgiven. For everyone of us who is not living our best life or living as our authentic self. For each one of us who is in a marriage or a job we should not be, we too are lying. Would we not want a second chance? Who among us has not needed forgiveness?

She is so eloquent. She was stunning and sweet and relaxed. I will cherish my memory of this night. So blessed. Really blessed.

What is my intention?

To be a good role model in my work and for my kids. Does this include being a martyr? No, It does not.

And thank you for the reminder about the power of your eyes sparkling when your loved ones walk in the room.  It is so vital to do that.

To easily get unstuck, I have developed a tool for busy people like you to download to create an explosion of forward momentum. I use it religiously with my clients and myself with proven results. As Oprah herself says, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Who was it?

None other than the legend herself, Oprah Winfrey.

I often hear myself sharing how when I saw Oprah, she spoke of how life whispers at us when things are out of balance. If we don’t listen and respond, the warnings signs escalate and start knocking on the door, gently at first and then louder and louder until it feels more like someone is trying to kick the door down with steel toe boots.

If we don’t answer these calls of warning, life will take us down with the full force of a tsunami.

This has resonated so strongly with me personally and professionally. Are you the kind of person that responds with vigour to the whispers or do you wait until you are on your knees on the bathroom floor with tears streaming down your face wondering how this s#*^ storm happened?

Don’t be a martyr, take care of your “business” and by that I mean YOU too. Take care of you because if you aren’t healthy, happy, attentive, alert, focused and motivated everything in your life will be impacted.

Listen to the whispers.

Don’t wait for the tsunami.

If you want to read more about mindfulness and being present in your own life, read my blog post about starting the day off with purpose, how to create more happiness and living with more mindfulness 

Until next time, be fabulously YOU.

your Coach – Lisa

PS – Today celebrates my firstborns 11th birthday. Today I celebration all the ways we transform and grow. Plant your seeds, cultivate your garden and live, work and play in full bloom.