what does the word ambition mean to you?

I love the word ambition.

It is a juicy word I want to see become more commonplace in my work with women. It’s been a man’s word for far too long, even the dictionary uses he in its definition:
/ am-bish-un /
  1. an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment: Too much ambition caused him to be disliked by his colleagues.
  2. the object, state, or result desired or sought after: The crown was his ambition.
  3. desire for work or activity; energy: I awoke feeling tired and utterly lacking in ambition.
Work culture continues to send mixed messages to women that triggers shame, doubt and old patterns that keep us small, such as:


I recently heard Amy Poehler share that when doing press junkets with Will Farrell, despite them both being parents, she is asked triggering questions like, “How do you manage it all” and even, “Where are your kids?”.


Despite being co-stars, he is treated as a celebrity with an ambitious career and she as a parent who must be struggling and should be more concerned about how her work impacts their well being.


Gheesh, what century is it? Let’s take this head on


Ambition is something to take in your own hands, to clarify what it means to you and then to pull in the support to keep you moving forward.

Your unique contribution MATTERS more than ever

My maternal lineage is British, so I am steeped in generations of rampant colonialism from the other side of the pond. While watching the Netflix series, The English Game with my husband and youngest daughter, I was struck by a connect-the-dots moment. The first episode laid out so many cultural issues that affect my daily life.

Meet the educated gentleman football player who creates and upholds rules and even laws to maintain their status and myopic existence to serve his upper class needs, under the guise of  “we are gentlemen”.

Meet the underdog, the ambitious working class football players from the Mill Teams who “the gentlemen” feel will ruin “their game”. The players, their families and their community, showcase how the most interesting people you’ll meet in life had something to push against, and true ambition requires tenacity, diligence and a mindset rooted in hope, faith and a better future.

Meet the gentleman’s wives, being 1867, it is only at the dinner table when the women are allowed to express an opinion. Reminding us that diversity needs a seat at the table as it brings new perspectives and often more compassionate and community based ones.

Ambition isn’t a dirty word, it’s a powerful one.

As a business owner who is looking to increase brand awareness and equity as you increase revenues and profits, how do you allow ambition to fuel your growth?
For years, especially as a mompreneur, when wrangling with a decision I’ve asked myself, “What would a man do?”


I’ve shared this centering question many times in private business coaching sessions and I can see the impact it has on a clients physiology. This question has the power to unleash your unbridled ambition.


I invite you to go within and get cozy with your ambitions and then map out your strategic plan around ANYTHING YOU WANT.
Here are ten KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your ambitious goals
  • Kindness – to self, at work, personal relationships and random acts.
  • Wellness – dig deep, consistency pays off.
  • Confidence – when you believe you can, others will too ?
  • Leadership – commit to tangible steps you can take to elevate your impact on others.
  • Communication- it’s the backbone of success.
  • Connection – we’re all longing for more, be a leader.
  • Vulnerability- heard of Brené Brown? It matters.
  • Nurture – care and attention will function as your soft place to fall when extending yourself in ambitious ways.
  • Permission to fail – progress versus perfection is essential; there is no innovation without it.
  • Knowledge – as humans we fundamentally require life long learning to satisfy our desire to live purposeful lives.

I’m not saying it will be easy, I am saying it will be 100% worth it

Pick up your pen and start brain dumping your ambitious goals and use this list as a starting point.
Here are a few questions for you to percolate on:


As an employer, how many jobs will your organization provide and what tier of salary and benefits will these roles enjoy?


How many lives will your brand touch and create a benefit for this year? Over the next three, five or ten years?


How do you want to show up for your life, work, family and friends?


In prioritizing your ambition for making a meaningful impact, how will you practice radical self-care, knowing you can only be your best when you do?


Be ambitious! But first, you need to download your goal tracker. Get it here.


Onwards & upwards,

Your Coach,


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