Flip the script on your elevator pitch, blog by Lisa van Reeuwyk @BloomLisa

Flip the Script on your Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch can strike fear in even the most seasoned entrepreneur. Let’s face it, it’s a LOT of pressure on two sentences. As a marketing maven and a lover of words and writing in general, I have one tip that will shift the response to your elevator pitch from tumbleweeds to “Sounds interesting, tell me more?!”

Without sales and a sales process, you don’t have a business. So why are so many people terrified of sales or of their elevator pitch at networking events? With over 20 years of experience in sales and coaching, I would say that ANYTHING related to sales makes 95% of my clients uncomfortable.

These aren’t just people, these are entrepreneurs who are courageous, passionate and innovative risk takers, so where does all this fear and resistance come from? Personally, I love sales. It started back in my broadcast tv days, selling $$$ tv advertising and raising capital for programming.⁠ It’s not about being something you’re NOT, quite the opposite.⁠

Why is this important?

I hear people starting their elevator pitch off with the words I HELP. Promise yourself right now that you’ll never-ever do this again. Yes you help people, but you are offering a paid service or product and you want to position your brand as a worthwhile investment.

You would never purchase a pair of new shoes and ask the sales person to throw in the matching hand bag for free. Make creating value for your brand part of your first impression.

A winning tip for you..

Your opening line of your elevator pitch becomes:

“PEOPLE” hire me to …..

Instead of people, you want to get specific and insert your ideal client instead. For example, I work with three types of core industries and depending on who I’m meeting, what podcast I’m a guest on or what industry I’m speaking to at an event I will say:

Wellness service providers hire me to monetize their time as they streamline and automate their business for authentic success.

Creatives hire me to show them how to run a business that doesn’t run them.

Purpose driven change makers hire me to elevate their brand and make the biggest possible impact with their work as they create true profitability for their business and the planet.

Now it’s your turn.

Write it down right now and use it in your next social media post, at a networking event or the bio you share for an introduction at a speaking event. There are people out there who NEED exactly what you have to offer in EXACTLY the way you do it.⁠Do not deny them by allowing discomfort, limiting beliefs and fear get in your way of a truly connective and compelling elevator pitch.

Instead of: I help “people” … 

Flip your script to: “People” hire me to {INSERT THE RESULTS YOU PROVIDE}

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Keep going, keep growing,

Your Coach,


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