Clutter, we all have it and we wish we had a magic wand to make it disappear in an instant, leaving behind a picturesque room that could appear in home & decor magazine. Alas, the clutter remains.

Whether it is shoes, throw pillows, years of files or manly collectibles, we all have our weak spot for stuff.

I mean we love our stuff, but we can’t let commercialism drive our cars so to speak (pun intended). If the urge to “have stuff” navigates our route, we are in for big trouble both financially and spiritually and let’s be honest, environmentally. Sorry mother nature for all the abuse to this amazing wonderland you supplied us with, just doesn’t seem quite adequate does it?

Clearly she is mad. Very mad. Volatile and epic storms, dying polar bears due to no summer sea ice and ubiquitous algal blooms and exploding jellyfish populations have been noted.

We all need to take back the keys to the ignition and turn up the music of our favourite playlist to drown out the requests for more, more, more. I promise you, if you do a major gutting you will reap the benefits personally, professionally, healthfully and financially.

Tip #3 – Expose Your Inner Hoarder

The first essential step is to gather all the items that need sorting and organizing. This process gives you a sense of the scope of the project ahead so you can set a time line and schedule the project on your calendar in time frames that work for you.

Make the space for a big heap of your stuff that is coming out of your desk, closets, cupboards  and shelves and set aside the time to gather everything up before you start. Not only will you be two-feet in and fully committed, you can realistically assess how much time you will need to:

  • donate
  • recycle
  • chuck
  • re-organize
  • pay forward
  • launder
  • re-joice in re-discovering
  • wonder what the heck you were thinking when you bought it?

…all of your digital and physical creations.

We will take this to the next level next week, but for now, feel no shame as you stock pile your dusty and outdated files and flared jeans.

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Until next time, be fabulously YOU!!

your Coach, Lisa van Reeuwyk