Master Networkers are doing THIS

People know me as a networker a lot. I can trace so much success, credibility, growth and community back to networking. Last month, I partnered up with Vancouver stylist [...]

Six Tips to Networking Like a Ninja

Networking transformed my business and it can for you too​​. One thing I wish I had done more of in the early years of entrepreurship, is networking. I struggled [...]

More Energy, More Simplicity, Less Clutter

​​​​​ If you believe in the invisible power of WiFi, radio and magnets, well you believe in the energetic forces of things you cannot see. Virtual or physical, tangible [...]

3 Proven Habits of Highly Effective People

I write more about productivity and time management than anything else. Being highly effective is a desire for many and I've got more tools in my tool belt that [...]

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