accountability tools to live in flow


It’s only in hindsight that we can connect the dots. I can trace both my need for accountability and my career as a coach back to my roots of growing up in an alcoholic family. If you grew up with addicts around you, then you know that blame, shame and no apologies are a way of life. A mentor once shared this wisdom with me, “Life gives you the teachers you need, not the ones you would ever ask for”. The act of accountability has made all the difference for my life.

Why it’s so powerful

The simple act of sharing your goals with someone else increases your odds of completing them by 65%. It gets better; when you have accountability check-ins, that increases your chances by up to 95%.

Here are a few options to integrate accountability into your life.

Who is someone whose energy, expertise and enthusiasm you adore? Ask them if they want to be your accounta-bili-buddy. Maybe you both want to create a passive income stream, run a half marathon or perhaps you have different aspirations but are committed to start living ON purpose. Set up a schedule for checking-in and supporting each other in a safe space where you share your triumphs & struggles and set new S.M.A.R.T. goals for the upcoming week. #StrongerTogether

If you’re a visual person like me, mark your calendar. A few years ago, I aspired to attend 3-4 yoga classes per week to support my mind, body & spirit. After I got home from class, I would write it down on the wall calendar beside my desk. This new habit immediately became a powerful motivator that produced incredible results. When I added up the classes at the end of the year, I had attended 178 yoga classes. I was so proud of myself and I have continued with this simple and powerful habit for tasks in my business.

Share your goals loud and proud. When you harness the power of accountability through social media posts, conversations and networking, not only will people ask you how it’s going and cheer you on, once you put it out into the world, your neural pathways and ego will hold you accountable.

Use a planner. There are a gazillion to choose from; daily, weekly, digital or physical. Experiment with a few and stick with a system that works for you. I have a Three Month Goal Tracker and a 12 Month Planner for Entrepreneurs.

And of course, you can hire a Life Coach, Success Coach or Business Coach.With so many great ones out there, find one you trust and respect so you can stretch out the edges of your comfort zone like bubble gum, expanding what you thought was possible. People hire me for workshops, group business coaching and private coaching for entrepreneurs and executives to hold them accountable to their dreams and desires in a results-centric process. There is a reason the most successful people in the world invest in a coach.

Life is responding to you in every moment, what do you want to attract?

Slow down, take a slow breath in from low down in your pelvis. Listen for and then trust the answer that surfaces. When it comes to the best accountability tools and systems for you, there is no right way, only your way. Change doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design and no-one can get to the root of that except for you. By starting small and getting specific you set yourself up to begin, which is more than most people do. Look at you, winning already!

Keep going; keep growing. ?

Your Coach,