Attention Women in Business - @BloomLisa

This blog post is for women in business with a desire to live with more.

More freedom.

Impact with your work.



Confidence, clarity and compensation.

Did you know that 2/3 of all businesses in North America are being started by women? We are driving the economy, yet all too often we aren’t wired in a way to allow the perks of entrepreneurship to benefit our bottom lines or elevate our happiness.

I know that the deeper the question the deeper the answer will be and ultimately, the more impactful the results will be. Let’s till the soil!

A Game Changer For Women in Business

There is a massive energetic outpouring that goes into even the most basic decisions women make.

Five Key Elements of Decision Making (That Are Causing You Stress)

  1. Awareness of a need
  2. Research
  3. Production & execution
  4. Follow up
  5. Management of time, energy and financial resources

As an example, you want to hire a housekeeper. Do not leave me hanging as I deliver a virtual high-five for delegating this time consuming work while providing employment!

You simply pick up the phone and invite someone to be your house keeper and book a time for their first visit. After you hang up you think, “That was easy, what’s next?” … thought NO WOMAN EVER.

If you are like most women I know you, have spent countless hours discussing why you even need help with the housework (don’t get me started). Next comes the research as you ask your sweet peeps for referrals before the screening process has even begun.

Even if this goes well, it takes up hours of your time.

Skip ahead; you have finally selected your maven of cleanliness and you prepare for the big day. Again, a massive time suck as you frantically tidy up the house stuffing drawers and closets with sweat on your brow so your maven can actually clean.

The energetic surge and impact on your nervous system doesn’t end with hiring someone, not even close. You now have an on-going relationship of decision making. This will involve booking and scheduling appointments, payment, project Household Tidy to support the mavens visits, stocking cleaning supplies, reviewing the completed work and providing feedback.

Apply this process to every….single….decision you make

Voila….you have just gained a keen insight into why you feel stretched beyond your limits. The best part is now you are in a position to finally do something about it and get back to enjoying the journey.

Personally I can feel the adrenal fatigue settling in just thinking about the massive volume of decisions I make in a day and the drain it places on my internal systems.

As Women, Is Decision Making Placing a Burden on Your Business? - @BloomLisa

Three Ways To Increase Success With Ease

1.Build Moments of Mindfulness into your day.

Many women shudder at the thought of a formalized meditation practice. I get it.

With some discipline and consistency, you can build moments of mindfulness into your day resulting in massive benefits to the health of your business and yourself.

That said, there is a saying, “Most people need 15 minutes of meditation a day. Those who are too busy require an hour.”  Just saying…..but that is an entirely different post. I digress….

As you transition through all the different hats you wear in your day take a moment for a few breaths and thank the experience and let it go before setting an intention, visualizing the best possible outcome.

For example, you have finished an intense meeting and are about to enter mama-mode. Instead of just rushing around from next to next, you are going to release what was and set an intention for an amazing “next”.

Fill your beautiful belly and lungs with a few deep nourishing breaths. Thank the experience then release the intensity it brought. Now visualizing what is coming next; see everything working out for you and set an intention for that experience. Now you are ready to enter mama-mode and bring your bloom to your family.

Repeat the belly breathing and the visualization each time you transition to a new situation. Let’s be honest, we need to practice this process as we go from mama-mode to lady boss mode more often than the other way around.

2. Be Consistent

Nothing changes if nothing changes. And change is really hard to stick; if this wasn’t true we would live in a very different world wouldn’t we? Take the pressure off of yourself for any long term plans and focus on the day or week at hand. you can adjust and evolve your plans as you go.

3. Unpack the suitcase

Examine what you can release and let it go. Remember that scene in Frozen where Elsa completely transforms into an Ice Goddess full of sass and confidence as she releases the judgments of others and taps into her own power??

That can be you!

You really don’t have to do so much, in fact, it may be what is holding you back from scaling your business and reaching the financial freedom you seek. We become addicted to the chemicals our body produces under stressful scenarios and sadly eventually lose our motivation and mojo.

I would like to close by acknowledging that we are living in a world that needs your voice and your talents.

What seeds of change can you plant in your life, that will take root, grow towards the light and bloom into your biggest dreams? Are you ready?

Until next time… be fabulously YOU!

your Coach, Lisa van Reeuwyk