Stunning and Sticky and Beautifully Merciless, A Course in Miracles


As I embark on the great adventure of summer break, I am holding the lessons of big blue near and dear to my heart. And my children’s. I hope you enjoy them as I have enjoyed sharing them. Live life in FULL bloom my friends.

Originally posted on Blazing Light of Glory:

Studying A Course in Miracles is a sticky, beastly, merciless journey into your soul. It is also stunningly gorgeous in its expedition into the meaning of love.

Lately I notice the impact of my studies in a big bold way. The 325 lessons I now have under my belt have grown deep roots. Thick, course and twisted, their wisdom has weaved an invasive path into my subconscious mind and taken hold with great love and graciousness.

There is no turning back now.

Life feels more manageable, like I am finally growing up.

Now, when my youngest daughter begins hyperventilating, tears streaming down her face, arms swinging and gasping for air because forgetful Mommy has given her the yellow bowl instead of the blue bowl for the umpteenth time, I can notice my own inner 5 year old simultaneously gearing up to throw a temper tantrum that puts hers to shame. Clearly, I have no shame. None at…

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You Alone Must File The Flight Plan to Achieve Work Life Balance


Can you transport yourself back in time to that life altering day when you changed the course of your life forever? That day where you jumped two-feet-in to the life of an entrepreneur?

There were visions of freedom, passion and abundance. You no longer wanted to be a cog in the corporate wheel, but a game changer on your own terms.

Before you knew it, you were losing your vision under the weight of your self employed life.

When you clarify your intentions it creates a map for your life. If you want to utilize this map then you need to plot your co-ordinates and file your flight plan.askformore_HB2015

File The Flight Plan

Busy as you are, you do not get to blame anyone else for not having the time to do what you want, where you want or how often you want except for yourself. You simply must take responsibility for your own schedule. If you are more productive at work, it frees up time for hobbies and family. It is a win-win.

Determine when you 100% have to be available to clients and co-workers and how often. Get out a white board, a calendar (paper or digital, whichever works for you), but make sure it is large enough to write down an average week of commitments from early am to bedtime Monday – Sunday.

As you mark down you daily activities, you are going to create windows of time where you will not be interrupted.

You MUST be ruthless about honouring your uninterrupted time, but ruthless in a gracious way of course! By ruthless I mean, honour your own vision for your life more than the demands of others of your time.

At Work

You will allocate a period in the work day where you will not be interrupted by technology or actual real live people. Setting clear expectations is a key element to your success; others need to be made aware of this scheduled time or it will not succeed.

Communicate graciously that you have implemented a new work flow to increase your productivity (hey, no one can argue with that?!) Perhaps it is a note on your door, an email you send out or just lock the door! Be patient, gracious and curt, and get right back to work.

Set a regular time that works for you where you are unavailable. Perhaps you can start going into the office early when no-one else is in, or after lunch may be best for you.

You need flow in your work day and giving yourself uninterrupted periods of time will increase your productivity, engagement and enjoyment. 

If you work from home then go to the library to work where there are less distractions and no phone use allowed.

Your Life

Set aside time in your week, ideally this will happen daily, for technology free personal time. All technological devices are to be shelved and out of sight. Could you even go so far as to leave your iPhone at home when you go out for errands, a walk or a meal? Gasp, I know, but I have faith you can do it and will come to crave more of this time.

Not only will you be scheduling time for your life, but you will be doing it in mindful way that supports living in the present moment.

As a result you will experience:

  • a deeper connection with your friends and family
  • you will connect at a soul level during your hobbies
  • the people you care about most, including your precious impressionable kids (if you have them) will feel suddenly feel more important to you

This exercise will require some sacrifices. Perhaps an earlier wake up time, or giving up a couple of series you watch on tv, but it will become clear what truly matters to you as you map out all of your intentions.

Observe your own happiness and feelings of balance shoot up like a star in the night sky.

This post is a part of a work/life balance series, here is the link to Four Tips For Increasing Mindfulness.


Live life in FULL bloom.

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Your Beautiful Messy Life

I recently asked my community for some feedback on what you would like to read on my blog. The area of work life balance was the outright winner.Peaceconflict

I have created a series to dive deeply into ways you can cultivate a more productive, rewarding and balanced life.

Today we are looking at mindfulness and how we view our time. 

Just like holistic medicine versus western medicine; do you want to get to the source of the issue or simply apply a bandaid and a prescription? I want to get to the source. This process will take a some time. Think of it like an exciting new adventure to win back your time.

Advances in technology, working moms who can do it all and the pressures of our materialistic society have made us all crazy. Yes, crazy.

When a seed is planted, it must be nurtured in the right environment and given time to bloom into the full expression of itself.

There are things in our life that take time to fully develop, mature and bloom. Marriages, retirement investments, the next generation, deep meaningful friendships, careers, education, wisdom, expertise, gardens and practices of mindfulness. These things are like oak trees, the longer they grow the more storms they can weather. 

naturedoesnthurry_HBWe feel irritated when the internet connection is slow and it takes more than the blink of an eye to read our updated feed on facebook. When did we become so impatient? 

Somewhere along the way, we have begun to expect this level of speed in life in general. We have sped up so fast in such a short period of time that we have forgotten that our genetic make-up, our bodies and the forces that run planet earth did not do the same.

beherenow_rathtrevor_HB2015Here are a FOUR techniques to increase mindfulness.

1. Do you have a meditation practice or one that you only talk about? We will wash off yesterdays dirt from our bodies each morning without question but do you wash off yesterday’s stress from your mind? Start with 5 minutes each morning beginning tomorrow. No excuses.

Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier and go into your bathroom if you have to. This is how I got started in my meditation practice years ago. Two young kids were either going to drive me to a daily happy hour at 5 pm sharp or a meditation practice….I feel confident in my choice.

Five minutes will grow into longer with time. You will notice your practice is working when out of the blue you lose your patience one day and realize that you didn’t meditate that morning.

2. Yoga teaches you to be comfortable with your Self, to spend time connected to your breath and increases mindfulness. Do yoga! There is hot yoga, Bikram’s, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Sunrise, Flow, Relaxation, All Levels, Zoomer, Power and you can attend classes, studios, watch YouTube videos or do DVD’s in the privacy of your home. Find one that works for you.

3. Ditch the technology. Not all the time, relax! Constant interruptions from your technological devices do not foster mindfulness. (I will be diving deeply into this one in the next post.)

Ask yourself when it is an appropriate time to mute your phone, to leave it in your bag or even at home when you go out for short periods of time. You can thank me later in the comments. Messybeautiful34. Love your beautiful messy life and don’t beat yourself up. We all worry because that is part of being human. Back to Tip #1, #2 and #3, when we are more mindful we use our time more wisely and worry less. Think of all the time you spend projecting and worrying? This gives you the time you need for not only a meditation practice and yoga classes, but for doing more of things that you love.

An outstanding day in my life is filled with variety, creativity, partnerships, laughter, productivity, people, quite times, yoga, meditation, nature, reading, dancing, games with my kids, throwing water balloons at my husband and really good food.

Are all of my days filled with these things, absolutely not. But I am steering my ship in the right direction these days with my awareness.

Live life in FULL bloom.

The images in this post are a part of our Happy Boxes project, co-created with the photography of my husband Richard with photo editing by yours truly.

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A Mindful Gardener

My business motto is Live Life in FULL bloom so, using the metaphor of planting seeds, blooming flowers and lush gardens is a no brainer.

While taking the advice of my daily card reading to de-clutter my life, I was cleaning up random files I had saved to my desktop over the past few months and came across a screen shot file I had taken from Caroline Myss’ Facebook Page many moons ago.

Her words reminded me of this Happy Box I created in the summer of 2014 and it felt like the universe was whispering to me to share the wisdom here on my blog.Mindful_Gardener_HappyBoxes

Normally I write my own posts, but it seemed fitting to let Mrs. Myss take the reigns today! Here is what I found on my desktop this morning:

“…We are never motivated by only one impulse to do or say anything.

We are never loved for only one reason – and as time goes by, even the reasons that drew us to love someone change or ripen with age.

Hopefully people feel that same sweeting of the fruits from our inner garden to check on the seeds you have planted and what is ripening for you.

Some of the reasons why things happen as they do are often hidden in the seeds we have planted or the weeds we left in our soil far too long. As we walk through our secret garden, we realize we cannot choose the soil – somehow that was already provided.

Some years have brought droughts or floods, perhaps even a tsunami that cleanses our inner garden in one enormous storm. But even our inner garden bows to the mystical laws of nature – it must produce life again.

It must seek out the healthiest of seeds in its soil as it breathes itself back to life.

I love to contemplate the seeds I am planting now.

A wise gardener learns from his previous seasons, what seeds nourish the soul and which ones are weeds in disguise. Any why would someone want to imagine a field of weeds growing within them?

We are the Gardeners of our souls – no one else has entry to that secret garden.

Contemplation is taking the time to count your seeds, to name them, to pay attention to what seeds need watering – and to extract the weeds.

I love that we are so woven into the breath and bounty of Nature. What is in One is truly in the whole.”

Live life in FULL bloom.

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Life Shrinks and Expands


Life shrinks or expands
in proportion

to ones courage.

Wrap yourself up in your courage today and see how your horizons expand.

A quick post today. I am missing all of you a lot and will make time very soon to get caught up with your blogs. 

Live life in FULL bloom.

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Be Here Now

Be Here Nowbeherenow_jellies_HB2015

Life has been reminding me again and again that it happens in the present moment. This is the inspiration for today’s Happy Box.

When our mind gets wrapped up in our big urban lives worries can propel you into a future that to be honest, will never happen.  It is wise to have a technique tucked away in your back pocket to bring you back into the present moment. What is in your bag of tricks?

Is it a mantra? A few deep breaths? Rooting your feet into the earth/sidewalk/floor/elevator to garner a sense of connection and peace? Listening to someone like it is the most interesting conversation you have ever had? Perhaps feeling an appreciation for your life right now and all you have to be grateful for?

For me I have had the words be here now running through my head like a soundtrack in a movie, inspiring me in so many rewarding ways.

To be aware of the lady smiling at me from the front row in yoga class which led our first conversation, even though we had seen  each other dozens of times before but never spoke. She is like a member of Cirque de Soleil, and I have always been amazed by her flexibility and power.

Noticing how sweet my girls are in their innocence and playfulness as they dance and sing and joke all around me. Usually I am too busy making dinner, cleaning up, getting through homework and trying to decipher my 8 year olds ever expanding vocabulary en français while doing laundry and squeezing some blogging in!

Taking time to pause on the path to enjoy the sun on my skin as my favourite insect, the  dragonfly darts past.

To smell the gorgeous roses in the garden at the farmers market and to chat with the local artisans rather than rushing around to collect my produce. We even stopped and enjoyed the musicians, a talented duo of teenage twins playing an acoustic guitar and a banjo. It was a sweet moment watching my girls throw some money in their guitar case.

I ask you to take a little extra time today to be present. Enjoy this spectacular day, it is a gift. aboutjourney_HBApril2015

Live life in FULL bloom.

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Dive Deep 2.0

Thank you so much to Lady Amy Rose for leaving this quote on one of my posts last week, Circle of Words. Isn’t it awesome!?!?AmyRose_HB2015

Amy and I decided to create posts celebrating this deep truth. Hers can be found on her blog as Dive Deep and you have found mine here in Dive Deep 2.0. We had a lot of fun diving deep into this creative process separately yet together.

This process flowed like so much in life, although we worked independently on our posts, we were supported synergistically in our creativity and our expression. 

Exploring new frontiers is liberating and exciting as it unchains a freedom that so many people need in this world. To extend yourself beyond your comfort zone is essential.

How deep are you willing to go to find priceless treasure and freedom?

I am studying Lesson 305 today in A Course in Miracles, and I can say without a doubt that the deeper you do dive into your vulnerability, your faith, your truth, your soul, you will indeed find plenty of treasure there.

I’ve got nothing but mad crazy love for you Amy!!! Keep on rocking’ it soul sister. Thank you so much for this beautiful connection, the inspiration I find in your work and all that you do to shine light in this world.

Live life in FULL bloom.

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