There has never been a more exciting time to be in business. There has been a revolution in the way service providers can create revenue through digital income streams.

There is no ceiling to the revenue you can generate creating on-line assets for your brand.

After working with my private coaching clients on growing their brand online I knew I had to create a group coaching program to share this knowledge with more business owners. When I started mentioning it at events and meetings, the response was an enthusiastic and unanimous YES to offering a group program to teach other purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to get their list started.

Let’s go!

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • build your business using a platform you own and control

  • put controls in your business so your can relinquish control

  • increase automation and decrease administration

  • wake up to new business in your inbox … even on holidays

  • learn on-line from anywhere with the support and insight of a community of fellow entrepreneurs

  • have tangible marketing assets that allow your ideal clients to self select

  • learn more about how to write authentically, always staying true to yourself and your business

I am ready to build my online empire!

At the end of this 4 week program you will have new tools and systems in place and functioning to grow your online empire including:

Week One

  • Why have an online strategy
  • Why social media isn’t the answer and what is
  • Discover your unique strengths and learn how position yourself outside of the competition

Week Two

  • Define and refine what your customers really need from you
  • Unleash your creative beast and connect
  • Create that fabulous freebie that will build your list

Week Three

  • The mistakes even seasoned entrepreneurs are making that is holding them back
  • Why your subject lines, first sentences and headlines are EVEYTHING
  • Learn how to craft those head-turning headlines at the drop of a hat

Week Four

  • Welcoming new subscribers
  • How to plan ahead and be consistent (more automation!)
  • Launch + execute your list building strategy
  • Head turning headlines and how to write them