I have a proven collaborative process to create content that not only connects, but drives sales without being “salesey ”. In todays’ marketing climate, visitors to your website need to know, like and trust you before they will buy from you. So many people tell me how they’ve spent thousands of dollars on website development and marketing strategies that didn’t produce results. Sure it looked good, but it didn’t convert traffic into customers or create an engaging community.

These business owners made a critical error. They outsourced the key component to grow their online empire to someone who did not understand the driving force behind their business or how to talk to the demographic that drives over 70% of all buying power. I can help.

Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to implement business growth strategies that will have you salsa dancing all the way to the life of your dreams?

If the answer is yes…

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Connective Content that Converts



Define & refine your ideal customer/client


Strategic Offerings


Magnetic opt-in & landing page


Connective content that converts


  • You will answer a bunch of strategic questions to achieve clarity on who is buying from you and what motivates them to purchase.

  • I will guide you through a process of understanding the unique strengths of your brand, how to position yourself and communicate the benefits of your brand with ease.

  • We will collaborate on refining and defining that message.

  • Through further collaboration, I will develop, produce and create the content for your website, offerings (service providers), opt-ins and landing pages so you are ready to hit the ground running with your web developer, designers and social strategists.

If this sounds good to you, keep reading.


Understand what motivates customers // clients to purchase from you

Every single purchase is an emotional decision. Together we will uncover what the desires, needs and pain points of your customers // clients are.

Knowing your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) is the wisest investment you can make to grow your empire. This process provides essential data to create your connective content with higher conversions and a more engaged online community.

In this stage you will:

  • Learn how to speak directly to decision makers, triggering an emotional connection to your brand

  • Define and refine your brand strengths

  • Discover your “purple cow” & position yourself as a leader in a competitive online landscape

  • Have the data to craft your message to convert consumers who aren’t actively shopping for your product // service into customers // clients

  • Create in-depth Ideal Client Avatars (ICA’s) for each distinct sector of your business


Create ideal offerings

Now that you know who is buying from you, you are primed to create the products, services, packages and pricing that will bring consumers tremendous value.

Depending on your business model, we will now create:

  • an opt-in offer that your ideal client will find irresistible and entices them to join your community

  • content for your landing page(s)

  • Packages

  • new offerings that put your buyers into a spiral model pricing structures

Once your ICA is complete and we have discussed your vision for your brand and business growth, we are ready to create the content for your website. These are exciting times!


Crafting your connective content

Now that you have a deep and intimate knowledge of who is buying from you and what to offer them, we are ready to create connective content for your website.

Through a collaborative process, YOU provide the heart of the message and I will polish and perfect your message

Additional services:

  • Copy for marketing material

  • Content planning

  • How to write engaging social posts

  • Business development coaching packages

  • Executive coaching packages

Creative Projects


Here is what you can expect:

  1. Discovery Consult online to see if we are a good fit – 40 minutes

  2. Sign agreement and settle first Invoice

  3. A series of worksheets are delivered and completed by the client

  4. 60 minute online session to further define & refine ICA

  5. 60 minute online session to explore & create offerings (as needed)

  6. Client provides blueprint for web content

  7. Final invoice of 50% due 30 days in or before delivery of content

  8. I provide up to three drafts of writing before final sign-off by client

  9. Work in collaboration with your web design provider to meet deadlines and within design parameters

Online communication throughout process through online platform of choice: Evernote, Trello, Asana, etc

Pricing to be determined by scope of project.

Pricing from $1997 USD