Does it ever feel like your life is a 10,000 piece puzzle and you don’t know how it will ever come together?

Lisa is a devoted holistic business coach, speaker & workshop leader with a spicy dash of media maven, a pinch of mindfulness and a hefty dose of love the skin you’re in.

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Adera Angelucci - Co-founder Spiro Creative“Wow! When I booked a Ready, Set, Bloom! Strategy Session with Lisa I had too much going on and I was driving myself a bit crazy. I was spending a lot of time in an area that wasn’t making me nearly as much revenue as another area but I just couldn’t stop tending to it because I wanted to see it flourish!

Lisa was wonderful as she really honed in on my #1 mistake; I was taking on too much when I could have been sharing the workload better.

My session with Lisa was the start of a huge change! I ended up closing down that part of the business, let go of two people and went back to our businesses roots; simplifying our offering and making things manageable for my partner and I to handle again.

Lisa is very intuitive, as she almost seems to ‘know’ before even saying much of what your struggles might be. She is very good at seeing the blocks that are holding a business owner back and suggesting great ideas and strategies to help you get back on track.” – Adera Angelucci, Co-founder at Spiro Creative


At the end of your Ready, Set, Bloom! Strategy Session you will walk away with practical easy-to-implement strategies along with an awareness of the #1 challenge that is standing in your way.

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Invest in Your Success - Coaching for Professional & Personal Success - @BloomLisa

Lisa coached me during a period of significant personal and professional change. Her coaching helped me to reaffirm what was most important to me and regain more balance in my life. 

Lisa‘s coaching approach covered all major aspects of my life including health, family and career and I appreciated the variety of sources of inspiration and coaching methods she utilized.

Because of Lisa‘s weekly coaching, I felt better prepared and more confident to face change and uncertainty.  She helped me discover new ways to slow down, feel calmer and live more in the present moment, while still focusing on achieving the longer term goals I had set for myself.   – Emily Frazer, CPA, CA

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Bloom Where You Are Planted
Coaching Program

Stella Panagiotidis - PR Event Planning Specialist

“I was suffering from a major lack of focus, structure and tools with which to design, pursue and create a more solid foundation to build my life around. Working with Lisa changed all of that with her holistic and compassionate approach that examined every part of my life with self-love rooted at the core!
The coaching process has given me tools, confidence and a system to set in place, in order to move forward with my career search and designing a life that I love.”

Stella Panagiotidis PR + Event Planning Specialist

Professional & Personal Success

Based on a comprehensive and careful assessment of hundreds of clients, Lisa’s holistic coaching system takes the scattered mountain of puzzle pieces of your life and together, we begin placing them together.

Like a garden, you have planted many seeds in your life. They require nurturing, fertilizer and time to bloom. Some will weather many storms, while others need several seasons before they are ready. Through your coaching, you will implement new systems and tools that allow you to cultivate the garden of your life with consistency, sustainability and greater joy.

There are 3 spots currently available for enrolment.

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WARNING: Expect to kick start your life.

Alissa Martin - Yoga Comfort Zone“Before I started working with Lisa, I was working on my own through some online business trainings to build my Yoga Comfort Zone business. However, I seemed to lack the confidence to follow all the way through. 

Lisa became my cheerleader and helped clarify steps that I needed to take to improve the flow of abundance in my life. She also became my confidant and much needed support when I went through a few incredibly challenging experiences along the way. She gives amazing hugs as well.

The coaching that I received from Lisa has supported me to find confidence in myself, my business and what I have to offer. I’d recommend her to any entrepreneur.”
– Alissa Martin, Founder of Yoga Comfort Zone


Catered to the challenges facing professionals and entrepreneurs  in business today, Lisa’s workshops are designed to empower you to take consistent action to elevate your life.

Here is a Facebook Live of Lisa’s workshop for Mompreneur’s of Canada, Three Secrets to Increase Profits and Enhance Your Leadership Skills.

If you are looking for a speaker at your company, retreat or event please fill in the contact form below to request more information on inviting Lisa to lead a workshop.

If you want something in your life you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. - @BloomLisa

live, work & play in FULL bloom

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  1. Adera Angelucci Reply

    We asked Lisa to come out and read for 7 of us ladies at our friends 53rd Birthday Party. Every woman who had a reading with Lisa left with something miraculous just by what she had seen in her cards and how she shared that wisdom with us. What an incredible gift it was to have Lisa at our gathering. She lifted each one of our spirits and left us feeling light, free, confident and playful. The knowledge we’ve gained will stay with us for months. It was honestly my girlfriends best birthday! Thank you so much for your incredible talent and having the courage to share it with the world!

    • BloomLisa Post authorReply

      Oh honey, you are so sweet!! It was my honour & privilege to partake in Marly’s special evening and read with all the ladies. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU for including me!! Blessing to you earth angel. Namaste:)

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  3. noellevignola Reply

    My nieces were in town and we pulled out my mother’s old deck. It was so much fun telling stories and doing the readings for each other. The deck became a way to tell them about their grandmother who they never met. I think I’m going to host something like this for my girlfriends. I’ll offer the cards, they bring the wine.

    • BloomLisa Post authorReply

      You will LOVE it, make it cards before cocktails for highest energy results too! What a beautiful story and thank you so much for sharing it here on my party page. Let me know how the party goes!

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  7. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you for doing this, sharing your talents with the people, being paid for being you, awesome, I have a lot of things to learn from you <3 prosperity is trying to find you

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