A New Year Has Arrived, But Not a New You


Here we are, it is still you, and it is still me. A new year only brings change if we do too.

Which is why I ask for help navigating the waters ahead.

One of my favourite rituals to start off a new year is pulling cards from certain decks as advisors. Each member of my family does this and it has become a treasured ritual for us all.

Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I pulled our animal guides for 2017 shortly before I headed out to my yoga class. I was so engrossed in them that Sofia was the one who pointed out that my three cards were all birds."What are your rituals?" - @BloomLisa

The ruby red Cardinal will be reminding me that by staying rooted in my spiritual practices I will live more confidently and feel much more at ease in my daily life. This frees up so much time and releases mental clutter.

The Kiwi came to affirm my deep desire to have authentic relationships both professionally and personally and to immerse myself in meditation this year as I experiment with new techniques."Live your quirks and be fabulous like a peacock." - @BloomLisa

Strutting around with that spectacular tail, for a second year in a row, the peacock reminds me I have nothing to fear. My study buddy from A Course in Miracles has a spectacular definition of this spirit animal on her blog, aptly named, peacockseyes.com.

The peacock inspires me to live confidently and compassionately, and to express my “quirks” and individuality every single day, in every way.

It took me a very long time to figure out the answer to the all important question, “What do you do?”

I love to ask people what they do; my mind starts percolating like your morning pot of coffee and the business and career development ideas start bubbling up and spilling out of me like a human milk frother.

But I am not your every-day business coach.

Late last year I decided on Holistic Business Coach, mainly because my services to grow your business, career and/or life with new systems definitely falls outside the range of traditional business (think mindfulness, energy centres and overcoming stereotypes). Also, the term holistic has a spiritual connotation which attracts the kind of clients I want to work with and can truly benefit from the services I provide.

Off I head to yoga.

Our teacher, the lovely and talented Alissa Martin was teaching the lone class of the first day of 2017. I recommend you check out her free yoga nidra recordings…amazing! (A side note: Yoga Nidra assists with sleep, stress, anxiety and so much more.)

As we stood in mountain pose with our eyes closed at the beginning of class, she invited us to set an intention for the year. Despite receiving two flightless birds in my reading, the word soar came to me immediately.

In that instant I knew I had to open my eyes.

Directly in my line of sight, soaring above the freshly dusted snow-capped mountains was a very large and glorious eagle circling in the crisp blue sky.

I have taken hundreds of classes in this studio and this is the first time I have seen an eagle; it was a beautiful and powerful moment."Soar like an eagle" - @BloomLisa

I invite you to join me in paying attention to the signs in the year ahead and to soar.

Get clear about what you want.

Ask for more out of life and it will deliver it.

Be consistent and write it down.

Until next time, be fabulously you!

Work, live and play in FULL bloom.

Lisa van Reeuwyk - your Coach





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