Excuse Me? Did You Just Ask For a Bite of my Shit Sandwich?

Are You Eating The Right Sandwich?

Whatever career you are currently in, I ask you to think of it as a shit sandwich for the moment. Or longer, if you see the ironic humour of the metaphor like I do.

When you were growing up and navigating the stormy waters commonly called “high school”, you were expected to make long term decisions that would impact the rest of your life before reaching the mature and wise age of 18…sound familiar?

Hopefully you chose this career path based on your passions, natural talents and dreams for your life. If you are like most kids, you didn’t."Find your own way." - @BloomLisaWell-intentioned relatives, guidance counsellors and let’s be honest, absolute perfect strangers would tell you what to do with the rest of your life.

Their advice sat on your shoulder like a little devil twirling his moustache with a mischievous glint in his eyes, reminding you that you were just a kid and these other people knew much better than you.

While these “experts” do have a lot of credibility based on their own life experience, they are not experts in all things YOU. Ultimately, you may have outsourced the biggest most expensive decision of your life.

Staying true to the metaphor, you let other people decide which flavour of shit sandwich you have to swallow for the next 4 decades.

Not very tasty is it?

You can’t avoid eating one, but be crystal clear that you are eating the right shit sandwich.

No matter what field you are in there are stacks of shit sandwiches in the lunch room. All careers have long hours, endless personal sacrifices, frustrations and many moments where you wonder if this was the right path.

That said, if you don’t ask for seconds when those shit sandwiches are being passed around, you won’t be a true success in your work or in your life."Hey you! Are you gong to finish that shit sandwich?" - @BloomLisa

The million dollar question remains, is the doubt simply a by-product of feeling overwhelmed all of the time or are you actually on the wrong path?

Many people feel confused, filled with dread or even break into a cold sweat when asked this question,

What is your true purpose?

Here is my hot tip to solve this massive problem:

Simply ask yourself if you want to keep eating this shit sandwich for the rest of your working years and voila, you have your answer!

Congratulations to those of you who are asking for seconds; life is far too fleeting to eat the wrong kind of sandwiches!!

I wrote here about a key element to creating happiness in your life.

Author’s Note: I want to give quick shout out of huge gratitude to the always inspiring Elizabeth Gilbert (Big Magic, Eat Pray Love author) for this amazing metaphor.

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