Creating a Space That You Love Can Be The Secret To…


Creating a space that you love will not only produce amazing results and benefits at work, you will be so much happier….you can thank me later.   We discussed having supplies and tools that you love already, but what about the bigger picture? How your space feels is a key element in your ability to create abundance in your life; this includes money, happiness, opportunities and so much more.

With all of the time that you spend at your keyboard, doesn’t it just make sense to be in an environment that fosters your well being?

You have been busy clearing away your old files, jeans and collectibles. You have been organizing your computer’s hard drive and desktop. You have been saying hello to lost treasure and good bye to your junk. You are awesome!

Now it is time to take a seat in the spot you like to work (yes, go there and sit down). Do this both at home and at the office, and get quiet in your mind and body. What do you see? What would you like to see? Colours, textures, scents and feelings all play into your ability to focus, be creative and to get things done.

Could you use some aromatherapy, fresh flowers, a new piece of art that reflects an adventure you have on your bucket list or maybe a new colour of paint?

I ask you to love the view from the seat where you create, work and thrive. Trust me on this, it really will improve every aspect of your life. By putting some fresh new personal touches on it, you will want to be in that space more, which in itself will increase your productivity and profits.

You will be happier, feel motivated, more inspired; creativity will flow and so will the abundance.

So whether you work in a cubicle or a corner office with a rock star view, whether you are planning a full renovation or just a few tweaks; loving the view from where you sit can make all the difference.

Pinterest is an excellent resource for decorating if you haven’t already checked it out. You can set your search parameters around your exact needs and create a board for My New Office and starting pinning!Photo 2015-08-29, 7 09 40 PM

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0 thoughts on “Creating a Space That You Love Can Be The Secret To…

  1. lorriebowden Reply

    So so true, Lisa! And I wanted to update you…I was able to get a beautiful secretary desk …and had to do a few projects like build a new bookcase…move it to the bedroom…get rid of large bookcase where new desk was placed…donate (many) books…and voila…new workspace…and it looks GREAT… and it feels GREAT!! 😉

    • BloomLisa Post authorReply

      I LOVE it Lorrie. You have worked so hard and it really paid off. You have created beautiful new energies all around you and passing on books is a huge part of that. You are awesome!!! Thank you for the update and the huge smile. Be well beautiful and keep on rockin it 🌺🙏😃

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