Rekindle Your Creativity and Profitability at Work (and Save Money Too)

Time is more than money these days, it is the most valueable commodity you have. This is why I decided to write a few posts to rekindle your creativity and productivity at work.

I want you to make an investment in yourself. When you re-invent the spaces you spend most of your time, you will experience heightened creativity, increased profitability and a more abundance-centered attitude. The stuff you use is a pretty big part of this.

It’s simple, when you feel good you get more effective results in a shorter period of time AND you not only create more abundance in your life you also enjoy your work a whole heck-of-a-lot more!

Tip #1 – Have organizing tools that you LOVE.Photo 2015-09-17, 12 03 22 PM

With a clear intention of the end result, create a budget for new supplies that foster productivity and your creativity. Create spaces and places that you want to be in.

At first, it can seem like a superfluous expense, but think about this; last time you wanted to start a new healthy lifestyle routine, how did you get yourself jazzed about it? I would bet money that you bought some new runners or a pair of those workout pants that makes your behind look way more amazing than your old sweatpants and a few items at the health food store that you read about online. We all love to have stuff we love. So set yourself up for success in the workplace by following the same pattern.

Do your research, create a budget and stick to it. Think about how you work and what you need that will create a structure for the supplies that you need.

If you are an entrepreneur, keep the receipts and write off the expense on your next tax return.

Here are a few links I found that I LOVED. I hope these links help you to visualize your desk, what lives on it and create that budget while you refine your shopping list!

Ten ways to organize the small stuff.
Family charging station!! Sooo awesome.
For those of you who need your office to go with you.
Apps for organizing you.
In your handbag.
Something pretty for your visual aids (I am Bloom Lisa after all)
Maybe something vintage for your office,
check out this Etsy shop!
If you prefer to put pen to paper, check out these notepads.

For parents:
If you drowning in kids papers and keepsakes, then you need to check this out.dreams_reality_action

If you are one of the many female entrepreneurs who are overworked, underpaid and headed for burnout,
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you can live a life that you love.

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14 thoughts on “Rekindle Your Creativity and Profitability at Work (and Save Money Too)

  1. lorriebowden Reply

    Great post, Lisa!! As a self professed lover of a beautiful desk and office supplies, I so get this post. You are spot on…when we transform our ‘space’ to be something we really enjoy our creativity soars! I am on my way back to my teeny condo down south…and I don’t have a desk …so I have been trying to come up with a creative solution to ‘fit” one in. Your post just reminded me to think about it!!! Have a great week, Lisa ♡

    • BloomLisa Post authorReply

      Kindred spirits we are Lorrie! Check out Etsy and Pinterest for great ideas for small spaces and set ups. There are so many inspired creative souls out there. One of the links I shared is for this great tote bag for all your supplies…I am seeing one in my future. Have a great adventure heading down to Florida sweet thing and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sue Dreamwalker Reply

    Lovely Lisa, and it looks as if you have been putting plenty of ACTION into your Dreams dear Lisa.. wonderful .. 🙂 and thank you for the many links..
    Sending love and continued success in all that you choose to do..
    Love Sue <3

    • BloomLisa Post authorReply

      Hi Sue! So nice to see you here. I will be stopping by your blog to catch up very soon. Yes, I have clarified my intentions and have put them into ACTION. Life is good and I am so very blessed. I hope you are well and right where you want to be after a nice long summer in the garden. Live life in full bloom sweet Sue.

      • Sue Dreamwalker Reply

        Thank you Lisa, yes I am well and I am so Happy life is good for you my sweet friend.. May you also continue to BLOOM… life is obviously suiting you 🙂 xxx

  3. Rajagopal Reply

    Getting maximum action into every minute or filling the unforgiving minute, as Kipling would have it, with sixty seconds worth of distance run, is what your suggestions would lead to, Lisa. I enjoyed reading it…best wishes… Raj.

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